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June 04, 2006

Return of the Blog

Right, after a few days taken out from blogging, to account for my last of exams and the 'socialising' that followed that, I have returned to write another.


After a few days, I have had exactly zero people sign up for my collective. Mr Dymond expressed an interest in some sort of newsletter. I'm sure that I didn't mention a newsletter. A good idea though Max and I'll take it on board. However, If I am going to start a newsletter, I will need some members to distribute my word to. And for all your interest Max, you didn't actually join. There is no shame in being the first to sign up people. In fact, it may make you the most important member of them all! If you want. That last comment may put you off even further. Don't feel any pressure.

It would be nice if I got a few people to join. I've had 5 comments on my last post, without a single person saying "Count Me In". Not even from Sarah. Thanks for the support.

If you just really don't want to sign up, it would be nice to recieve some feedback as to why. Is it that I'm pressuring you? Is it that it seems too public? Is there a way to send me a private message on this thing? To give you some anonymity. That may as well be a direct question to you Max, as you seem to be a bit of a computer whizz with all of your fancy a's and stuff. Thanks for that by the way!

Moving away from that subject, God loves me. Simple as. All through my exam period, the weather was bloody miserable. A hint from the big man that I should stay in and revise. When I walked out of my last exam on Thursday morning, the sun tore itself from behind the clouds. Since then the weather has been glorious. How ace! And did anyone notice the sky on friday evening? Looking to the West was absolutley incredible. A bright red orange band was on the horizon from the Sun's reflection on the clouds, and it was totally and utterly gorgeous. It made me feel very humble.

I was walking to a friends house in Coventry, and I must have walked into a dozen lamposts and even a few people (well, chavs) on the way, because I couldn't stop looking at the sky. I'm thinking about it right now and I'm grinning like a lunatic.

I'm going to end this entry there, but a final word goes out to my friend and neighbour, Laura Jackson, who was unbelievably drunk last night. Zoe, Little Tom, Rich (not so much Rich actually, too busy laughing at her,) and myself had to put her to bed when she was planning to go out to Time Tunnel. Hope that you are at least feeling reasonable this morning. Not very likely though.

Right I'm off now. Remember to count yourself in on the action! Refresh your memory why you should by reading my last entry again. Love you all.

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