September 28, 2011

Focus for TASK A: A Reading Autobiography

From quite an early age I didn’t enjoy reading and felt very uncomfortable. Strangely, although I felt this way, I was a competent reader and didn't mind reading books with short chapters and small paragraphs. I remember reading books in school and at home. I read both to my school teacher within school and to my mother at home. I remember simply reading the text and having no real support except for help with words that I didn't know or couldn’t pronounce.

Due to my negative feeling towards reading the amount of different texts I read were limited only to school books and a very small amount of books at home. I can remember reading a Goosebumps Halloween book and finding it very interesting, in some parts I found it was quite scary. In addition to reading novels I was a keen reader of magazines for my PlayStation and Max Power for my future car. I also enjoyed reading factual books, such as the human body and the Guinness Book of World Records. My reading attitude has now changed and I am enjoying reading much more, although the amount of novels I have read still isn't anywhere near what I want it to be. I am currently reading children's books and am enjoying the book “Bumface”.

My most favourite book would have to be Goosebumps Halloween as mentioned above, as it was really quite interesting and painted a vivid scene and set of characters for me to imagine.

During my adult life, books have been focused more around learning and reference, for example my previous job was a web developer, and due to the ever changing nature of technology I would have to research and read and learn new development techniques. Also, throughout my degree I read lots of technical books to assist me with subject area knowledge.

I have started reading “Deception Point” by Dan Brown, but I haven't read particularly far into the book due to time constraints. When selecting books I tend to choose ones that are similar to the type of movies that I enjoy. Because I am quite new to reading for pleasure, I tend to take a punt at what type of book I would enjoy and hope for the best. I hope that in the near future I can identify specific genres and authors that capture my attention, so that I can make the most out of time spent reading.

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