October 23, 2005



All I can say is that i've been blown away by everyones support. There are too many people to mention on the top of my head but everytime I feel down during my recovery I can read all your blogs.

I'm not a man who likes being the centre of attention but it definatly sounds like I am now.

Just to let you know (for those of a nervous disposition might want to skip this)

I dislocated my ankle and factured my ankle in 3 places. my ankle is being held together by wires, screws and metal plates.

Dont worry about playing the Atomic all stars. The tackle was a 50:50 and was no-ones fault (except my own because I was playing so crap at the time). Plus they all followed my up to the hospital and made sure I was alright. I dont know how I would have coped for those 20 mins if they wern't there for me. If anyone owes anyone a pint its them.

I'd also like to thank Alex and anyone else who talked to my mum and dad. They both really apreciated it

I'm now home in Liverpool where I'll be staying for the next few weeks while I get used to my crutches.

I have to have my stiches removed in 2 weeks and a screw from my ankle in 6 weeks. I will definatly be up and about before christmas if everything goes OK.

I do want to get back to uni as soon as I can. But I also dont want to rush anything.

Thank you all again.


PS Always ask for Morphine and gas. Amazing stuff ;-)

November 27, 2004

My first blog

Well its week 10 (nearly) and am still a blog virgin. So now that i am really bored. I thought I'd post my first blog.

Week 10. God it feels like a year has gone by not 1 term.

My time here has been amazing. I have made so many friends here. There are 24 people in my corridor and we all get on so well. Then there are the people on my course who are great to be around. The atomic events have been a great way to meet up with people on my course.

Last night was the last soul nation of the year and had a great time (well what I can remeber ;) ). Loads of people hate it but I think its a better night out than Boogie nights and Top B.

1 week and I'll be home. Mixed feelings really. I cant wait to go home and see my family, friends and my Girlfriend. But I will miss it here. I'll miss Top B, Soul nation. My body clock will take a fair beating but I cant wait to get some sleep ;).

But I do know that I've had some great times here and its only the first term.

So heres to the start of university life and to a great second term.

Now back to my IT report and looking through the work for the C1 and C2 lectures next week.

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