February 06, 2006

Nottingham Comp

The Nottingham Competition dominated, photograohic evidence here.

That is all I have to say on the matter, other than I think if I ever have to even look upon cherry Corky's ever again I may well vomit.

Keep it True.

January 05, 2006

Back to Warwick!

Hazaaa, I was feeling a bit strange being back, but Score last night sorted that one out for me, I have taken some lovely pictures that are on display for you here. As you can see, twas good. Lots and lots of purple was consumed and a good time had by all. Three cheers for score!

Right, thats all I wanted to say, other than the dreaded exam yesterday wasn't bad after all. Oooh, ain't life grand

Message ends

December 29, 2005

Hazaaaa! Longer Birthday!!

Just found out that this year I'm going to get a longer birthday. New Year's Eve (my birthday) is being made longer by a whole second! Check it out here

So a whole extra second in the Waggon dressed as The Spanish Inquisition, I cannot wait.

December 25, 2005

So this is Christmas….

And what have we done?

Eaten lots of turkey, opened loads of presents, drank lots of alcohol, and generally had a bloody good time! Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Hazaa for Santa!!

December 17, 2005

General bloggage

I'm bored. Very bored. So that means lucky you, as here's another blog entry, coming in your face:

Blimey I've been on this thing a lot recently, feel that I may well be getting addicted. Oh well, I suppose its better than being addicted to crack.

Right, guess what I'm going to get up to tonight? Thats right, down the Waggon, this time with Bob, as he is now back from York, then to the Crispin, which I learnt last night is open till 2am. 2am!!!! Thats insane.


Results just in (vol. 2)

Another brilliant night has just been achieved!

Shout outs to:
1. Kelly – blogs are the way forward, why don't people understand???
2. Winder – well done, i love the whole bleeding nose thing, it really works for you.
3. Dave – a great night indeed, moloko was a brilliant idea
4. All the true OSH elite that graced moloko with their presence, especially sam, i love you more every day

N.B. totally wrecked, yet again, yet i manage to write this, i wonder how many errors i make, results to follow people

December 15, 2005

Results just in

Follow-up to My thought process from Glog

me tired and drunk, go sleep now.

(i know this is repetetive, deal)

My thought process

Me tired, go pub now.

December 13, 2005


Wow, been off for well over a week now, and now that I have finally managed to get around to sitting down with some work, I find myself writing another blog entry, productive eh?

Anyways, what has actually happened since the last entry? Well it was the last week of term, and after my exams on the wednesday, I had nothing of any importance left to do, so just got really really drunk. Lifesaving social + Score (with 911) on wednesday, general drinking night thursday, and the fantastically hardcore night friday, with much rock 'n' roll, and no sleep. Then home early saturday morning, followed by bored skulking around the house looking for things to do and unpacking in the afternoon, again followed by what I had been most looking forward to, a trip to the good ole' Waggon. Unfortunately, only Dave could actually go (Winder, Will and Em, you are all crap), so we drank a lot and got drunk.

Since that, nothing whatsoever happened until the next friday. When I say nothing happened, this is actually the case, I didn't do anything, just was hugely lazy. Friday came as it has the tendency to do, and a lot more people gathered in the Waggon to quaff a few pints, which was nice. Then back to Dave's, to watch a crazee movie that will had found. Saturday we mished it to Lancaster Uni avec Jack and his new friend Mark. Saturday night also involved a lot of beer, and far far too much rusky water. Came home sunday night, I was really really ill, and so just sat around hurting yesterday. Which brings me to today, when I was going to crack on with some work, but, as you can guess from the length of this entry, can't be arsed.

Over and out

November 29, 2005

What a coincidence!

Follow-up to Nearly the end of term! from Glog

I have just noticed that my last two blog entries occured on days before Economics tests, coincidence??

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