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May 01, 2005


now i really have done nothing…. trying so hard and write about pages… all gone in a second because the fxxxking stupic computer is freezed up suddenly, and shit why I never learn to write something in the notepad…

i think i talked about last night, about my new year ideas and today's street party and some thoughts about my future babies. I am not a big fan of OCP and I gotta have more than one child.

April 28, 2005

korean night

6_6. pictures…

well, last night, through the talk with seyong, i know that i should send JunBum letters, ^ he can read the letters in the army ^

April 25, 2005

good looking guys for young Chinese

good looking guys for young Chinese

April 24, 2005

Second Break–up

Shin Seung Hun
두번 헤어지는 일 (Second Break-up)
from the album: Shin Seung Hun 9

이제야 그댈 보내주나요 오래전에 이별이었지만
그래요 이젠 사랑했던 그대 얼굴 애써야만 생각이나요

미안해 하지 않아도 되죠 그댄 나를 잊었을테니
나 혼자서만 이러는걸 잘 알고있죠 두번 헤어지는 일 나 혼자서 만들 아픔인거죠

이번엔 내가 떠나요 헤어질때 그렇게 그댈 먼저 나를 떠나갔듯이
부질없는 바램들로 그댈 잊지못했던 바보같은 나랑 여기까지죠

살다가 우연히라도 나를 보게 된다면 그냥 나를 스쳐 지나가길 바래요
그대에겐 너무나 쉬운 일이 될거예요 나를 모른다는게

아주 멀리 가줘요 내가 찾을 수 없게 그대를 본다면
아마 헤어진줄 모르고 반가워서 안길지 몰라

이번엔 내가 떠나요 헤어질때 그렇게 그댈 먼저 나를 떠나갔듯이
부질없는 바램들로 그댈 잊지못했던 바보같은 나랑 여기까지죠

살다가 우연히라도 나를 보게 된다면 그냥 나를 스쳐 지나가길 바래요
그대에겐 너무나 쉬운 일이 될거예요 나를 모른다는게 나도 그댈 모르죠


SG Wannabe
from the album: SG Wannabe 1

어쩜 살아가다 보면 한번은 날 찾을지 몰라
난 그 기대 하나로 오늘도 힘겹게 버틴걸

난 참 기억력도 좋지 않은데 왜 너에 관한건
그 사소한 추억들까지도 생각은 나는지

너를 잊을 순 없지만 붙잡고 싶지만 이별 앞에서 할 수 있는 건
좋은 기억이라도 남도록 편히 보내 주는 일

혼자 남아도 괜찮아 가도 괜찮아 세상에 제일 자신있는 건
내가 언제나 그래왔듯이 너를 기다리는 일

어쩜 살아가다 보면 한번은 날 찾을지 몰라
난 그 기대 하나로 오늘도 힘겹게 버틴걸

부디 하루 빨리 좋은 사람과 행복하길 바래
그래야만 내 마음속에서 널 보낼 것 같아

너를 잊을 순 없지만 붙잡고 싶지만 이별 앞에서 할 수 있는 건
좋은 기억이라도 남도록 편히 보내 주는 일

이젠 멀어져 가지만 잠시였지만 태어나 처음 잘한듯한 건
내겐 아무리 생각해봐도 너를 사랑했던 일

서로가 하나씩 이별의 선물을 나눠간 너잖아
난 마음을 준 대신 넌 내게 추억을 준거야

다시 또 나를 살아가게 할거야 neverending

날 아프게 했지만 울게 했지만 이것 하나만큼은 고마워
눈 감는 그날 내가 가져갈 추억 만들어줘서

Kim Yoon Ah
夜想曲 (애상곡) (Nocturne)
from the album: Kim Yoon Ah 2

바람이 부는 것은 더운 내 맘 삭여주려
계절이 다 가도록 나는 애만 태우네
꽃잎 흩날리던 늦봄의 밤 아직 남은 님의 향기
이제나 오시려나 나는 애만 태우네

애달피 지는 저 꽃잎처럼 속절없는 늦봄의 밤
이제나 오시려나 나는 애만 태우네

구름이 애써 전하는 말 그 사람은 널 잊었다
살아서 맺은 사람의 연 실낱 같아 부질없다
꽃 지네 꽃이 지네 부는 바람에 꽃 지네
이제 님 오시려나 나는 그저 애만 태우네

바람이 부는 것은 더운 내 맘 삭여주려
계절이 다 가도록 나는 애만 태우네
꽃잎 흩날리던 늦봄의 밤 아직 남은 님의 향기
이제나 오시려나 나는 애만 태우네

14 Mantras to Inspire Working Women

Follow-up to my kitty and the korean semi–formal ball from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

14 Mantras to Inspire Working Women

by Kathy Snead
from MSN.COM

Mantras are power words — personal chants we repeat to gather our strength and strengthen our courage. They center us on what's important. Mantras can be deeply spiritual connections between you, your words and your actions.

Working Diva member bluey_1 recently sent us one of her favorite mantras, written by Samuel Beckett: "Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Mantras resonate in your soul and empower you to take risks and do more. Try one of these inspirational mantras or come up with one of your own.

"One of my mentors years ago told me this one: 'Fake it till you make it.' For example: If you want to become an executive, act like one, even if you aren't one yet — you are conditioning yourself to become one. The second one: 'If you believe it, you will achieve it. If you continuously think about your goals, you will eventually reach them.'"

"It may be silly, but when I think of a mantra or 'words to live by', I always think of a saying my mother and grandmother always told me when I was whining about something: 'Can't never could.' I never had a comeback for that one! And now when I find myself pouting because some project isn't going the way I think it should, that saying pops into my mind and gets me going.

"Don't remember who said this, but here it is: 'The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.' It helps me remember that my talents are worthwhile, even in my moments of self-doubt.

"I began collecting quotes when I was a college student. Now that I work at a university, I share my quotes with everyone, not just my students. I print out my favorites and put them on my office door, my bulletin board, attach quotes to my email signature and use them in class projects. I love inspirational quotes and find that sharing them truly makes me feel good. My favorite for my student leaders: 'Do not follow where the path may lead.Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.' —Emerson."

"My aunt taught me this when I was a little bitty girl because I was very introverted and hated going to parties and other social gatherings. I'd always say, 'But, it's no fun! It's just a bunch of standing around!' Then she'd say, "You take your party with you. You go expecting to have a good time and you make it a good time by what you do. Don't wait for other people to make your life fun.'"

"Here's one I live by: 'The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world's problems.' —Mahatma Gandhi."

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road — unless you fail to make the turn."

"Being able to manage uncertainty is what separates those who prosper in business and spirit."

"I am very guilty of allowing fear to get in the way of my personal success. Now that I am committed to making a career change in the near future, I find myself repeating the words from the Holy Bible, 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Just repeating that biblical verse reminds me that there is a powerful force that is capable of doing the impossible. I can rely on his strength and I am powerful. I am strong."

"I have a small, framed picture on my desk that reminds me: 'Lord, help me remember that nothing will happen today that we can't handle together.' A simple yet powerful thought!"

"Treat yourself well."

"My mantra is, 'Om nama shivaya,' which means, 'I bow to my inner self.' A friend of mine's mother, a woman whose strength and positive outlook I greatly admire, gave it to me. This mantra reminds me that in all my daily dealings, in everything I do in my life, I must always remain true to myself."

"'Breathe in … breathe out …' It started with a day when I found myself literally holding my breath I was so stressed over a situation I could only watch. So, when I can do nothing else, I remind myself to breathe because all the rest will take care of itself."

"'There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.' This quote always comes into my mind. It's comforting because although I may not always actively promote change or goodness, and although I may not always take wise or creative steps, I can still internalize these values and quietly but consistently influence those around me. This line is from a poem by Edith Wharton, 'Vesalius in Zante'

April 23, 2005

my kitty and the korean semi–formal ball

April 20, 2005

meeting tonight at buffalo's wing

Follow-up to american farm from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

7 pp

April 19, 2005

american farm

I visit an American Farm weeks ago.

April 18, 2005

Best team ever

Follow-up to devil's lake from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

April 17, 2005

devil's lake

^^ going in 7 hours

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