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December 31, 2004


i have nothing to say….wut a careless person I am. left my buspass and student ID on the bus… luckily I am in America. otherwise, there is no way for me to get them back.
sorry to the people that troubled by mine…

December 30, 2004

White Christmas

we had pot luck on the night of Xmsas Day, it was nice and spicy. I feel bad to let Jun aet with my lovely plastic plate though it is cute but still, not proper. so i borrowed one from natalie for him.

I love the snow and the feeling of snowflakes running into my face. cold, but beatiful.

Dynasty Warrior 4, the battle of Chi Bi

having no homeworks at all, I've been watching Dvds & movies, playing XBox and keeping my stomach fullfilled all the time, a truly waste of time but pleasant one, because the person I am with. These may never happen again so why not enjoy when it is possible.

Watched Spanglish last night, some people reckon it as a comedy and the others think it serious. I laughed and napped. I'd say it is ok and Blade trinity was probably a better chioce. Back to the Ice Cream we have, unhealthy. A two star dish from the Vietnam restaurant close to State Street is hot enough to make someone like me to sniffle a lot. Have no idea wut is the five like~that's why we were talking about giving the ort to our enemies. Jun was 'mean' coz he was suggesting to throw all these at our imaginary enemy.

I could not find myself anything excuse for doing something so xxx(I dunt have an appropriate word for this)...this morning. Me and Jun was playing Dynasty Warriors 4, the battle of Chi Bi, we started our fight at 5am, and had defeated all the enemy officers part from CaoCao. I saw he coming and I tried to challenge him while I should rather run away for backups. ^^he beat me just like flipping a finger…sigh, that was quick…

I think we may try it again tonight. and many more missions from matrix, spiderman and dead or live extreme volleyball.

Submitted the application online for my visa to UK. a bit early I guess. now I have to wait for Chris get back from vacation and mam get the financial statement ready for me.

Watched the film [Wimbledon]. love provides you encouragement and are the greatest supportive that you can possiblely get.

December 28, 2004

won 5 toys

Jun did.

December 27, 2004


I've been played XBox and had a Xmas pot luck last night. watched a lot of DVDs. went shopping today and brought a V-neck sweater.

December 24, 2004

do not trust your stomach, listen to yourself

yeh…finally, I figured out the reason for me to be an allnighter. it is the food, I had too much junk(pizza, chips, soda, pie) last night and with no chance at all to digest them. How can people sleep with heavy stomach, well, at least, I can't…
I decide to take some special pills which would help me relax the bowels…I will see if it works or not…to my worst imagination…I will have to walking along the street, up and down, in a degree of minus 21, for an hour and so. damn gal, why I always come up with ideas that torture myself a lot. It is so mean.
Alas~I will never to this to myself again and may the pills work immediately!

躺在你的衣柜里(Practical Chinese writing)

脑子里不知怎么的冒出这么一个念头,多年以前的想法吧。为什么是衣柜,因为那里充满了他的味道。躺在里面,感觉像被拥抱。人的嗅觉很灵敏,有的时候也是感情的催化剂。 每次被感情冲昏头脑后,都迷恋对方身上的味道。多年以后,人不在了,不曾想那气味还在,一个偶然的日子里,翻开厚厚的《时尚》,揭开某张香水试纸,曾经那令你快乐的人,所有幸福的回忆,一下子都涌上来,快的,令人晕眩不能自已。。放松警惕。
严冬,零下21,天亮的太晚,明天就是圣诞了。现在,挑一首Jazz,倒一小杯Jack Daniels,冰一快,浅酌。独饮是一种享受。觉得我是懂得快乐与享受人生的,所以脸上微笑又重现。也许到了晚上,那真正的平安夜,我再做这一样的事情。趴在沙发一样的床上,手托着我宝贵的头,翘起腿来,致电亲人,同时想些甜蜜的事情。Merry Christmas, Wen.
ps 收到小学寄来的表达感谢的贺卡,想想自己过去几个月的努力,心里很温暖。

See off

Follow-up to Dec 23, the date before christmas Eve from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

Now it is the day before Christmas, I am not yet feel any thing yet. Was downstair watching movies. em…I have seen The Stepford Wives and I-ROBOT. What can I say? I had good time. Now I am sitting in my room upstair. talking to my younger sister. Think I will try to finish my first online courses. well, I aint do nothing until Xmas's over.

Oh, got my first Xmas present. Think about what yili said, I feel bad that I didnt keep my promise and I didnt do well in my finals either.

I'm ruining my diet by stuffing myself with a huge bag of chips, soda is artificial colored, big slice of pumpkin pie and a piece of KC Barbecue pizZa… frankly speaking, it is shocking that how much I can eat. I dunt know, am I still under stress and feel pressure? a big big sigh it is almost christmas and I am not a single touch of happyness. not even close. damn my hair stink.

Dec 23, the date before christmas Eve

I feel pretty bad about my grades – an overall of B or maybe worse. Went sleep about 7 in the morning, woke up by a call from Jun, then spent my afternoon in a Korean Restaurant in University Square. and then we went to CAE coz he wanted to check his emails and use internet stuffs. I spend my whole late afternoon calling pp and chatting. Didnt do much. Sukitz's leaving tomorrow, so I thought that's be nice if we (& leo) can have a night out before his departure. That happens to be tonight. I am going to downstair now, I dunt think Jun's gonna call me tonite and there is no needs to be worried. He has a car now, so if he wants come around, see me, he can do it anytime.

I've also received a few christmas card today. sadly, not a single present. But I dunt really care. ….....30mins later, Jun called and he's going to see the movie, forget the name, with all his friend. I just gonna order some food and sit back relax at downstairs. have another lazy, warm nite.

December 23, 2004

safety tips while walking on or off campus

Keep in mind the following safety tips while walking on or off campus:

Carry a cell phone.
Walk with a friend whenever possible.
Take advantage of SAFEwalk and SAFEride programs available on campus. Call 262–5000 for detailed information or visit link.
Use public walkways and avoid shortcuts, especially at night.
Make sure someone knows where you are going and when to expect you back.
If you think someone is following you, cross the street. Head for a well-populated and well-lit area at night.
Keep your head up. Do not look down or away. Make brief eye contact with all people you meet.
Be aware of places along your path of travel that could conceal a criminal (shrubbery, buildings recesses, etc). Avoid or keep a distance from these areas whenever possible.
Wear clothing that will allow you maximum mobility if it is necessary to run. Be prepared to drop your valuables (heavy books, packages, etc.), because these can slow you down.
Carry a whistle or personal panic alarm with you.
Residents of University Housing are urged to keep their doors locked, especially when at home or sleeping.
Report any crime or suspicion of a crime immediately. Dial 911 for help.
If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, please contact Madison Police at (608) 266–4275.
Anyone with information about recent sexual assaults or other offenses, please contact Crime Stoppers at (608) 266–6014.

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