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January 20, 2005

summer school

maybe i shall contact engineering school, see if they can let me stay for summer school. i have homework due next wed, some pizza night this friday. outdoor ice skating this weekend. Write about my favorite 3 artist etc. get the matlab homework down by this weekend.

January 19, 2005

1.19 A Memorial Day

my blog was dead for a few days, because I copied some stuff from without referencing it. My classes began yesterday, unexpected thing happens. I went to Chicago Shedd Aquarium last Saturday…well, lots pictures to be uploaded.

MW will be hard working class day for me.
I just feel bad about it. Please dont blame me for doing so. Need to go CAE to take care of few things. Jun is leaving at 3rd Feb. He is caring and act so well to the emergency event. I hope my application to Bridge program is succuss.

anyway, it is nice to have my blog back to live.

oh, here are some cloud that I saw after 525 class. I think it is kinda pretty and rare to see.

January 10, 2005


intermediate accounting is sold.

January 09, 2005

the worst translation ever

Follow-up to Jelly from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

I bought this special chinese jusmine tea this afternoon, which is good for a range of stuffs. I could not give a good explaination for what it does. All I know is that it will be good for my boyfriend's dry nose problem… SoI showed him the package and there is one line says "remove the fire from the liver…etc" then he started "Do you think I have high pressure"... which pisses me off, if you get my point. But after he went out, I realize that he had to go through something not nice and I just should behaviour like that, I just feel sorry about what i did after what he said to me. The jelly is almost done and I think he'll forgive for what i did when he got back.


i bought a lot jelly powder. will upload some pictures of them later. I cant find my T11, I hope I left it at Jun's place… please, please…had a short chat with Nick this afternoon. he gave me a lot of good advices – working hard but keep your mind open etc.

January 08, 2005

Textbook on Sale

Intermediate Accounting, 11th Ed hardcover, CD included, some worn and highlight inside. Condition: like new, ask for $90 bucks, including shipping. shipped in one or two from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

A Course in Digital Signal Processing by Boaz Porat (Hardcover), Condition: Very New. ask for $85 including shipping.


got it yesterday, so cant go swim tonight. made some beered chicken…not feeling well, was not happy but now i realize that sometimes, you just have to let people do what they want to.

January 06, 2005

Stylish Resolutions for 2005



前天昨天一直在下雪。中午硬拉着Jun陪我去housing cashier office,一路上,又跑又闹得,差点没滑倒,就是太冷了。虽然他手里握了热热的Choc,我还是宁愿把手插在自己的口袋里。空气里还有小小的雪花在飘,但是看样子,现在多半算是雪后了,所以真的好冷。可怜的Jun耳朵冻得红红的,嘟嘟囔囔的抱怨着,可惜我一点都不理会,还意正言辞的说什么“think about it, you are the only one in the whole world, who has been to the UW-Madison housing division, cashier office with me on Jan 6th, 2005. It is a part of the history~"呵呵,听起来像是胡搅蛮缠。"years later, when you relaxing back on a rocking chair, and it is snowing outside, you think about those past years, and you will feel so greatful that you had been to the cashier office with me on this day"...他欲言又止,我非要说slicher对面的garden时park…我帮他拍了几张照片,其实我一直在帮他拍,还有摄像,觉得走了就没得拍了,有这些还好睹物思人。嘿嘿,说的酸溜溜的。我一直在complain about "we dunt have a picture together"我想自己要是在上海就好了,人民广场地铁站下面那么多拍大头贴的地方。那样就可以拍好多好多好多。贴的哪里都是。“mine,mine,mine”哎,真是一个疯狂的女人。最近看完了好几本小说,中文的。关于爱情和生活,没什么特别的感觉,是不是学理科学的少了一根筋。变得寡寡的,觉得简单可以说清楚,就不要那么煽情了。偏偏我读的文章都那么婆婆妈妈的,关注主人公的心理活动。
Jun这个家伙,我再付房租的时候,人家问我amount是不是906.44,我想错了,一个劲儿的说902848。。。什么,一位阿姨是在问我的学号,他就不帮忙,在旁边捣乱,说“dunt you wanna check her ID, maybe her check is not valid, maybe she is illegal here, you never know”, 我和阿姨都被他逗死了,“GET LOST”我拿到收据,赶紧拉着他走了。。。"what you wanna do, get me kicked off this country and go back home with you?"然后她伤我心的说了句"Korea never lets you in"。。。呵呵,出了门,我头也不会的丢下他走了,没两步就被他叫住,“look,come over here”我看他指着个小小的雪堆,不是很明显。"wutz up?"他诡秘的说"that's my hot choc cup."嘿嘿,原来他乱扔垃圾。。不过这一笑之后,我也忘记了为什么生气,我们一起往回赶。一路上,有很多看起来很干净,没有人经过的大片大片的雪。他选了一块,朝后躺了下去。。mad guy…给我拍了下来,他说"see, I did this for you"呵呵,不管是不是真的,很sweet。我开心的笑个不停。后来,他带领着我来到一个大坡上。然后到处寻找tray,没找到,就干脆顺着山坡朝湖边滑下去。。。crazy….我这么做这都是几年前的事情了。这样想想,他还挺有童心的啊。拍了几张照片,我也不管什么脏啊,冷啊,坐在雪上,一蹭一蹭地往下滑了起来。。。后来自然是牛仔裤全湿了。这时候他便拉我起来,边指着自己的裤子说"my is waterproof…"这个臭东西,感觉着自己湿湿的牛仔裤,我浑身发抖。他建议我赶快回家换掉,好好冲个澡,他则去SHELL跳绳,拿了箱子回家PACKING.晚上6点多他要去和COACH play tennis, and they will have dinner together. 我心里酸溜溜的,又是几个小时见不到了。。。我那么说,他就笑了,笑得那么无辜。于是我觉得晚上和朋友出去喝东西。反正我今天不能去SERF,也不能去SHELL,而他也不会早回家。

January 04, 2005

tired of eating out

finnally, Jun made this wonderful decision-start eating at home. So now we are actually cooking at his place. He got the washing sink unblocked this morning and as well as the pipe in the bathroom.
I am going to SERF in less than an hour. I will find out how much weight I gained since I came here. Was going to start my summer internship application, but I get so pissed off with my bad GPA, I can never believe what I actually have got there, shamed and put me down a lot. We were watching "Super Size Me" last night, it helps me realize that just how much sugar and fat in the fastfood and soda. remember that one day I was home waiting for Jun, I finished a 2L bottle of Sprite… and then my stomach feels so bad and I am also depressed for no reason. Guess that is why I am deciding to do some work out today. also I need to get up early tomorrow, go to the local elementary school. Damn it, how can I put the bad GPA score behind me, it just hanging in my mind, stays, make me feel worse and worse. Jun reconnected the TV and Internet, I was planning to give him my username and password for CAE so he can use the internet whenever he needed. I checked out the USB Flash Drive, it will be delivered by FedEx by this thursday. I hope he likes it. God damn it, I am not feel good about myself. I dunt know what to say, let me close this up and preparing for the swimming stuffs.

I need a 3.4 from next semester. yeh, I can so that.

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