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January 31, 2005


after msn talk, we meet again everything went away, we both were laughing. see, i can be pleased so easily.

January 30, 2005


The chinese new year talent show was not bad, I guess everyone had fun watching those kids' lovely performance.

I went to swing dance afterwards, stayed for 2 hours. It was super fun, I danced with JiaNi most time. sorry I've turned down a guy, but I could find him after one dance.

I enjoyed dance. Justin, Song, Kevin was there, but I guess Jiani worked out with me. I like dance with her more than the others.

We went to play pool for about 2 hours after the dance. I think I need practice more. Wei was the one helping me practice, but now all I have is myself. Jun…I dunt know, I guess he doesnt like what I am doing. He gives all himself to tennis. I would only be attractive to him if I am a genius tennis player, which I think I can never be, so … I dunt know about myself that well. I had too much bad experiences about guys.

I saw daniel's roommate today, she speak quite good american english. I wish I can do the same. Well, i'll working on it. Dance, ice skating, I will do well on both. Keep improving myself and I hate those who hurt my feelings in the past, nobody can ever hurt me again. never never nevre never never never trust any male. be yourself, aiming better.

January 29, 2005

after ski

I am crying right now.

going to practice driving at 4:30pm. 6 chinese dinner, 7:30 talent show, 9:15 swing dance. 11pm go back home, do my homework.

he hurts my feeling.


congratulation to YL got a job offer.

I do not trust any men from the bottom of my heart.

January 28, 2005

aftter skating

Follow-up to weekend plan from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

i had a good time last night. jun act cold but i believe that he is caring and thoughtful, i dunt know what sort of cream did he put on my broken lips, but it does make me feel much better now.

i'm going to ski tonight….
oh, i drew this couple of days ago.

January 27, 2005

weekend plan

i'm going to ice skating tonight. i have art drawing homework. english reading homework, need to write Dr Neil a proposal letter, ECE340 homework and reading assignment. oh, lab report, pre and post. yep, that;s all. and i am going to ski tomorrow night, there are a chinese new year party this saturday at union theater, it is free, so I shall ask Carissa go with me.

I am scheduling my road test, I wanna have it done asap.

January 26, 2005

good lab experience

so eventually, i came to the wrong lab again… it is hold every other week, that's not as bad as it was i guess.

i dunt have much to write about today, well, maybe upload a few pictures from last saturday.

January 24, 2005

Korean table

January 23, 2005

a way to fix MSN messenger login error 800B0001

my friend JiaNi Huang has experienced a diificulty in MSN messenger login for more than 3 months. I tried to install the latest beta version for her, but that dose not solve the problem, so I looked up the internet and found the following solution, it was originally written in a non-english language, so I post it here, hope it helps.
for Windows user, open the Run from Start menu, then type in things in the following order:
regsvr32 Softpub.dll

regsvr32 Mssip32.dll

regsvr32 Initpki.dll (this one took about 30 sec to be complete.)

after you done this, you should be able to sign in the MSN Messenger ! ^^

January 22, 2005


My partner is Carissa Decramer, she is a lovely gal and we had a very good time talking to each other. It is still snowing outside and the snow is about a few inches. i think it is wonderful.
Ok, I am going to make my first entry for my BRIDGE Journal as I promised.

January 21, 2005

family of FIVE

pics will be uploaded soon. bought the ART FOUNDAMENTALS today, costs me another 50 bucks…
had lunch at A8 China, their fried rice is bad, but i like the meat balls. I went to Recreational Ice Skating last night with Jun, didnt thought that there were gonna be that much people. I took a lot photos and vedios, it was definitely a great fun for both of us. I am already think of going to there again.

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