October 12, 2004


Now is Tue morning 3:47am…I am typing at CAE labs… there are 2 other pp's here, one's working in front of the computer, the other guy is mopping the floor…I am excited about nothing… maybe I shouldn't buy that bottle of vanilla cola… it is far more than effective.

anyway, it is raining outside, so I dunt really feel like walk all the way back home and get wet… though it is only about 10 mins walking…

MONDAY (11th Oct 2004)
I should keep a record of i what I have done for every single day. Sounds unbelievable. But they will definitely help when I get back to warwick, I will have things to talk about.
I went to skate at 9:30am, the place smells bad. but when time goes by, i am get use to it. I always fell…about 4 this times, Dave was trying to teach us the T-stop, and I figure out there is no way for me to be able to do it…I am now quite good at one foot bide. after I fell, dave stake over and ask me how do I feel, he said it sounded loud… yeh yeh, I feel so much pain but I still have to skate. then what funny was when I fell again, he come over said "another hip?" well, that's it, I dunt wanna he ask me anymore, so I tried so hard not to fell over again.
after the class, I went back home, had some rice. I leave them on before I leave for skating class.. so, the lunch is good. then i went to Red Gym, to take the tutoring interview. My mentoring experience helped a lot. I am not 100% sure but yeh, I think I will have it. Nevertheless, because I am an exchange student, so I am not qualified for the WORK-STUDY program.. so financial Aid for me… so $11/hour tutoring job is gone, but I still wanna take it as a volunteer. I think helping grade 6–8th is worthy doing. Get involved! I also picked up the application form for Red Gym Reception helper, it asks for a lot things, I will see if I have time this weekend or not, so I can prepare for it.
After these, it is close to 1pm. Two TA's office hour are all from 1 to 2, so I went to CG559 Leo first, then went to CS536Asher. It was good, my questions got answered. after that, I went to CS lab, working on my Scanner untill Jun came. at 4pm, I left CS to ECE431Ashwin, he's 3 mins late, but he did help me figure out what should I do with my Matlab homeworks. I went back to CS, jun and the other guy left already. I continured worked for another hour… my eye's ahcing, and it was 6pm, so I went back home, made myself some really tasty pork fired rice and after the dinner, I took a shower. When I got back CS, it is about 8pm, I met Di Xue at 8:30pm. He is having the computer Architecture exam tomorrow morning, poor thing… I dunt like that subject at all…with him good luck.
I was so bored. finished my CG559 homework and about to finish 431 homework, Jun came back. It is always nice to have company. he is quite efficient, around 11pm, he got the error and warning parts working. I am almost done my ECE431, but CS dunt have the fully functioned MATLAB, so I am end up with coming to CAE…Jun went back home and didnt have chance to return the FILM he borrowed few days ago from BlockBuster..
I think I am over excited… there are 6 hours lecture, 2 hours meeting and one case study due on tomorrow… maybe I shall just buy another bottle of coca from union south…
ok, feel like going back home now. ttbl.

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