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November 23, 2004

Tuesday, 2 days before Thanksgiving

I went to the 9:30 CG class this morning, then poped into the Writing Center, booked a place for my ice skating essay on next tuesday. On my way back, I was taking pictures…heard about Macy's thanksgiving parade from JiaNi, it is on 25th Nov, at NY City, yeh, maybe I should go. parade is always full of fun…well, I havent done any pre-reading for my Thanksgiving trip yet, maybe do it tomorrow night or on the plane…
anyway, here comes some photos. more in the madison campus gallery~~

a little words about S–E–X

I am having a whole day classes today, and it is 4:40 in the morning…

I found the following from Mark
it is kinda interesting…Madison is nice place but sth's missing…that's Top BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
K, let's see the interesting…
(from Mark's)
Lets talk SEX

  • You should have sex on days that begin with T:

Thanksgiving, (away to NY and WashingtonDC with friends, not bf)
Tuesday, (^^)
Today. (today's Tuesday, got whole day classes)
Every Thucking day!
(god damn it, that's like every day, a full-time job)

  • Sex is:

like Nokia (connecting people)
like Nike (Just do it)
like Pepsi (ask for more)
like Coca Cola (Enjoy)
like me (too good to be true)
(Am I right, or am I left?)

  • Top 10 Places to have sex:

In your bed
In your parents bed
In their car
On a washing machine, while running ????
In a hot tub
On a beach, down in the sand
On a comfy couch with the TV on
On a waterbed
A plane bathroom
In the rain ????
???? doubted

  • Top 10 Places NOT to have sex:

In the movies
In front of all of your friends
In front of all of your family
In a phonebooth
In your best friend's bed
At Grandma's house
At school
In your dirty basement
In the street

  • Top three things to say before having sex:

I love you (but only if you mean it)
Rock my world
Let's get ready to RUMBLE

  • Top three things NOT to say before having sex:

Is this gunna hurt?
Sure… I've done this thousands of times…
Are you sure it's on there?

  • Top 3 things to say after sex:

Are you sure this was your first time?
Gotta cigarette?
Wanna do it again?

  • Top 3 things NOT to say after sex:

That was IT??
I think I hear my mom calling me… see ya!
OOPS, the condom broke! My bad!

self made Choco cake

Dear Jun's having an Chemistry mid-term this morning. I've finished my Ice Skating Essay, excited…I always get excited when I have my work done.
So I went to CAE at 2:30am, printed out my essay and read it out loundly on my way back to the dorm. I made this cake within an hour and left a piece for Naoki, coz he's nice and I borrowed his container for making my cake. I forgot to pay my phone bill, gonna do it in an hour so.

I am so looking forward to see Jun in the afternoon, so I can have him try out my cooking. I wish him good luck with the exam so he'll be happy when he see me in the evening. poor gal~being such thoughtful and understanding, I'd love myself if I am a guy. ^^

Being Garfield

Nobody tells me what to do~

Cup of China

Starts in an hour…

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