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November 10, 2004

things should bear in mind for tutoring school kids

My Math tutor handbook: link

You have such good ideas.
Wonderful response.
You really accomplished a lot today.
Thank you for thinking so hard.
You should be proud of yourself.
Iím really proud of you.
I like the way you corrected that.
Itís not quite right, letís try again.
You are smart.
I expect your best, not perfection!

those phrases are important once I start my voluntary tutoring.

Be nonjudgmental- ignore a tendency to negatively judge those perceived as different.
Be flexible- readjust quickly and effectively.
Be resourceful- obtain what is required to respond to a situation.
Personalize observations- deal with one another as human beings.
Pay attention to your feelings- by doing this you can better frame your verbal and nonverbal responses in an effective way.
Listen carefully & observe attentively- this increases sensitivity to the whole message, words and body language.
Assume complexity- recognize that perspectives are multiple, as are outcomes.
Tolerate the stress of uncertainty- avoid showing any irritation or annoyance you may have in a culturally diverse situation
Have patience- practice staying calm & persistence in challenging situations.
Manage personal biases- move beyond your point of view to treat the student as an individual not necessarily part of a group.
Keep a sense of humor- be aware of the absurdity that can come from differences converging. Avoid taking things so seriously that you lose perspective and can not laugh at yourself and with others.
Show respect- go out of your way to express in a genuine and authentic manner the understanding, honor and esteem you are building with your student(s).
Show empathy- experience the studentís perspectives, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes as if they were your own.

bored, made mysellf a photo

Silence is Golden

using Microsoft Paint.

Nothing special

work hard, cg559 project, homework, Compiler P4, accounting homeworks…

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