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October 10, 2004

10.10 Sunday

今天天气很好。我决定做点好吃的。I am determinate, so I decided to make the muffin again.


1 What's better than sleeping in?

— Wake up on purpose.
2. Succeed is not equal to Successful.

FOCUS – keynotes for building leadership

Follow-up to 2nd day of "Future is Now 2004 from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

F - Foundation

Knowing my CORE VALUES. Am I going to be interesting or interested?

I feel lucky that there are excellent people around me. I am learning gradually. I think I have the following CORE VALUES or in another word, I am trying to build them up: honest, competent, forward-looking, inspiring, supportive, self-controlled, intelligent, broad-minded, coorperative, straight-forward, imaginable, fair-minded, courageous, caring, mature, hard working, energetic, dependable, motivated, ambitious, optimistic, disciplinary, family, friend, fun, confident, passion, no regret, outgoing, good listener, plan ahead, trust.

O - Outlook

Being able to see… and having no vision. (What is worse than blind) Who are my heroes? What do I say about my heroes? What would my heroes say about me?

My hero is my uncle. I think he is always looking for challenges, willing to make changes. He is successful, because he has done things for people around him, the better he becomes, the better things that others around him will have… He is an excellent leader, a thoughtful father, a successful businessman, a proud son, a best brother, a caring husband and he is my hero… I have some much things to say about him. I wish I can make the others lead a better life just as he did, and even better.

C - Concrete

...and building detail plan! Who I want to be?

Always have to have a pen and paper, write things down. You have nothing realistic when you just keep wondering and imagining, so write things down.

U - Undermines

Understanding my undermines!! What are my glass walls?

There are brick walls and glass walls. brick walls are the seeable things that hold you back, glass walls are the things you dont want to hear and very hard to figure out by yourself. (examples of glass walls: materiality, choices and distractions, searching somewhere else, past succuss). POINT: turn your glass walls into brick walls. build up the relationship, enjoy the moments with people. A fact is that the more success you are the more reliable you are on your past success. Telling from a parachute jump – it is good to hold, and it is great when you let go. So dont become a prisoner of what you want.

S - Service

Who and how can I serve?

first of all, the type of jobs doesnt matter. As a servant, you need to deliver good service. I cant never forget the power of smiling. It turns people on, it gives people a pleasant day. Imagine that you meet this very sweet cashier at MacDonald's when you was buying your breakfast one day. She served you in a very good manner and she is so caring about your feeling, saying things like "careful, the coffee is a bit hot." I am sure that will make some differences, maybe you will stop by again, maybe you will treat the next person you've met better, maybe you will start caring other people as well, but certainly, you have been cheered up. At that point, the cashier is a leader, she lead her customers to happiness. So, no matter what you do, the important thing is service, how to provide good service.

worst Muffin I've ever had

Follow-up to 2nd day of "Future is Now 2004 from A tndk119 Wen(^_^)//

Unfortunately, they were made by myself… I have to say that this
first experiment was totally a failure…. coz of baking powder…So it dosent matter how nice they look and how good they smell, the muffins were just taste like Washing Powder… I must say, maybe you will rather have soap instead…and I didnt give up, but the second time turned out that my muffins taste like Chinese steamed bread…馒头。well… took me 2:30 hours already, good try though. Going to CS now. I will keep trying and hope I can make some really stuffs next time.

2nd day of "Future is Now 2004

I love today's programs, had a lot of fun and get to know some pp turns up be very useful for my Accounting Case ii.
Well, after a long distance phone call to Canada, I have to rush down to kitchen now. I dunt wanna miss my dinner just because of hard works…. I shall treat myself very well.
Well, I am gonna make leek with fried eggs,and some blueberry Muffins. Be honest, I really dunt know what they will be look like…
talk a bit more on my reflection of today's program later on…

Man, always learn from your reflection…

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