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October 09, 2004

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293 0047 357 = 123000567 = 397 292 649

Quick Thought

Do anything to get the work done…This might mislead pp. What I really mean is: work as long as the job requires – work long hours if that's what needed for get the job done. Excause for my bad english, but I guess everyone get my idea.

This quick thought will keep me awake for xx hours…

Just remember that pp here are planning some sort of Fashion Show, the first meeting is on next Mon, I really wanna make some changes and get involved. as a performer and as well as one of the leader. Here comes my diet plan. How much time do I have left? If I am continuing working like this, and I just have plain salad everyday… well, that's impossible. I know I love those delicious dishes and I always enjoy cooking… God, wut shall I do… Ok, I think I will work harder, eat healthy and go back to regular swim… That's cool, all solved out. back to work now.

He‘s cool

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I just like the way he describing things。。。 I shall keep my eye on his blog and maybe get to know him。


Back to work, Accounting case II,compiler P2, CG559 Project 1,ECE431 hwk5。。。all due earlier next week。accounting event tomorrow whole day,need to go a job interview on monday。Gal, you can do it。MSN is on a current maintenance now, gmail is working good so far。still waiting for news from the other three jobs。 long time havent heard anything from mum, wonder what she is doing。gonna work hard this weekend, going to downstairs to get myself some drinks later。

要对自己好。朋友说有的时候,我太过我行我素,忽略了别人的感受。我要改正,要关心别人的感受。计划,完成作业,好好的计划 thanks giving 去NY 和 Boston 的行程。旅游,是一种过时不候的东西。

Future is Now 2004 == Debate

I went to Madison Concourse Hotel for the event called "Future is Now 2004".
The hotel is located right in front of the Capitals.
I have really digged sth out of it. here is my notes.When I get back, everyone was watching the president election debate... maybe you can see Bush in the TV. It is kind of small though... 0
I am so sorry about this bad formating, but… that's the way I managed.

美国总统竞选的辩论。明天还要继续参加wisconsin business school的event,不过收获还是蛮大的,不过现在让我转行做accountant可能太晚了。不过他们的工作精神很鼓舞人。有一些很有意义的句子和经验,拿出来和朋友分享一下:
会记公司、银行在招聘的时候,寻找 1、希望改变发生的人;2、能很好的代表公司出去谈判,交易的人;3、熟悉专业知识;4、有创业精神;5、有较强交流沟通能力的人;6、了解公司的情况,能把握大局,主要、正确发展方向的人。
Tim还举例说了一些他比较常用的面试问题。不过关键是,作为一个学生,一定要多参与,BE INVOLVED!当你和面试官谈论一些项目经验的时候,他们希望听到something which makes you stand out of the crowd。比如你具体扮演了什么角色,而且你为整个项目最后的成功,起到了什么决定性作用。Really,when you talk to them about past experience, think about things that separate you。
然后Tim讲了些我们现在应该,可以做的事情。1、保持好成绩(Work hard,Maintain high GPA)2、积极参加活动(participate the activities)3、做你真正想要做的(Doing what you’re passionate about)4、通过实习获得经验(Gaining experience through interships)5、选择和志向有关的科目(Choosing relevant courses now to take)6、选择会计做专业(Major in Accounting)
My conclusion: always think about what you doing, plan ahead。 Knowing what you‘re looking for makes it is much easier to find what you want。
Get Involved!!!
They also said a lot about the professors。Things like they are very helpful and always on students’ side etc。。。I dont know about our Drs in Warwick,but I find my tutor Graham Martin is really nice and supportive。

Sharing makes the world a better place !

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