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October 08, 2004

Incredible Weather


The weather here is unbelievable, 2 days ago it was like minus 5 C, now it back to 18 C. I was almost ready for the winter and now I guess I shall pull out my nice dress from the bottom of my chest again…

Society BBS-学校的中国学生会



My recommend good download sites




Stadium as a WHOLE

Football Game

Madison pp are mad with Football, just look how many pp there in the stadium… fortunately, I live just 5 mins from the Statium… It is really a breathtaking experience esp when you not get use to be crowded…



现在学习好紧张啊,忙里偷闲的在这里blog,好怀念和朋友一起的日子,今天是周四,所有运动,玩的地方都开得很晚。。但是现在凌晨2点半,外面又下着雨,所以也没什么人晚回家了。我本来打算去游泳,结果下课了就7点多了,接下来就在机房待了一晚上,做compiler P2。。。明天早上我要早早的起来去take驾照的笔试,如果我起得来的话。然后10点多赶回来滑冰。呵呵,我觉得自己进步了好多了,但是总是摔跤,应该是我总尝试高难度动作的原因吧。12点是International Coffee Hour, 我在想自己要不要做个committee,帮帮忙什么的。。之后下午4点要去参加 Accounting Dpt 和银行主办“the future is Tomorrow”的活动。。周五一下午,周六一整天。。。哎,还有那么多的作业下周2,4要交。。又是几个不眠夜咯。。好啦。以后有什么就写到这里来,妈妈也好了解我的行踪。。


You have really nice photos about warwick campus

Writing about Gosh Tuesday from Nick's Here... Wo bist du?

You the one took them? I am surprised…


Hi, everyone

A big H-I to everyone of you. I am now at Wisconsin, Madison. Quite busy those days, lots of homeworks plus mid-terms… Just want you guys know that I miss you all very much and I am glad to have you leave messages and comments here. I will get back to you as soon as possible. really, anything, you can think of. post them here.

Have a nice weekend and I will write more about my everyday as time goes.


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