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November 01, 2004

Parser time

I am going to CAE in an hour, to do my paser assignment. I was telling my friend that he should not eat so quick…but he's not listen. Well, I tried. sometimes, you care about people arround you, but they have their own desired way of doing things, living…It is difficult to make changes, but I will never stop trying. sigh~I just feel uphappy when people not listen to me, I guess everyone else dose feel the same.

By the way, I've booked the ticket to Chicago on Friday. Gonna have fun, last time I went there, hardly get off the car, was talking pics while driving.. Gotta take some nice photos this time. Well, I guess I will get my exam results on Tue…wish I did better than I expected. I havent done much studied this weekend, it was halloween. I did figure out quite a few nice idea. I THINK no matter what I do, I should really do things seriously, for example, if I do like photographic, I should build up a big big photo album. If I do wanna keep fit, I shall go swim at least every two days. It is very hard to make a start, and it is more difficult to keep going. Em, start building my expertise and making I am different from the others.

p.s. I remeber JBK told me that "your life today is the dream of millions others' tomorrow". Yeh, it is true. I know I wanna my future like xxx' s today.

Note: go to TA's OH, ask questions about "Test Yourself". I feel easy to learn things by taught than through myself sometimes. =) K, enough for today. Oh, dunt fell on tomorrow's Ice skating.. :')

A sunday

I got up at 11am. the time is changed today, rolled back one hour. So after cooking and lunch, it was still 11.
I came to Wendt after my lunch, by the way, I had DongGua and rice, left from yesterday. I found Dong's here at Wendt. everyone is working hard, there are some people they will have their second round mid-terms at week after next week. I studied for quite a while, till 5pm, I remember, because I went back my dorm cooking at that time. I cooked OMORICE (Naoka told me the name of it..) It is a famous Japanese Lunch. it is not that hard to cook.
receipt:2 eggs, milk, salt, flour for the egg pastry.
fried rice. tomato ketchup (used for drawing.. I 'O' U).
I am thinking of taking pics of everything I made… start from this OMORICE, but I am still at Wendt now, so I will do this when I get back home.
I talked to Liang Guo about an hour this morning 2am. He's thing about coming to America to continue his postgraduate study. I told him my ideas…guess they are helpful. Before that. I was at downstairs, washing up my dirty plates and pans. otherwise, I dunt know where I can find them in the next morning, dear cleaner will have them removed and hiden…I lost my soap long time before because of this… I took some drink to my room with me, well, not much and it is mixed with coca (vanilla)...I was excited, though it is about 1am already, I still think about asking friends come over to watch movie…I guess that I asked the right person, because he turned me off and I feel a bit upset so I went to bed quickly (in 3 hours). I heard that Leo and the others were so drunk last night, until now, they are still feel hype. That's why when Leo walked into the kitchen, he called me "sunshine", and later on regarding to my flour, he thought "flower", then he think about beautiful...he's really had a lot fun last night from walk up and down State St. I never see much things like last night before, and I have to see it is the first time in my life that I saw so many people dress up walking on street.

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