April 22, 2009

G20 as I saw it

12pm: I met the Warwick group at Trafalgar Square, dressed ready for the beautifully sunny day. There had been a sense of excitement in the morning armed with flowers and exchanging jokes with fellow protesters or well wishers on the tube.

12:30pm: Having got lost trying to find Climate Camp, myself and three others found ourselves outside the Bank kettle. We snuck under a policemen’s arm and were immersed in what felt like a festival with live music, massive banners and swapping of literature.

2pm: We had moved down with the crowd outside RBS. A drummer was leading chants such as ‘whose streets? Our streets!’ when the police moved in. At this point the window of RBS was smashed, not by black clad anarchists, but by ‘normal’ protesters.

3pm: We started to chalk the walls of the bank of England with messages such as ‘fuck capitalism’ and ‘anarchy is love’, then broke the police line to escape with about 100 other people.

4pm: At Climate camp I met up with the group, who showed us around. It had been organised brilliantly with a recycling point, bike powered music and kids playing hopscotch. I heard about an anarchist squat so went to investigate. On the way I found a group who had forced a Tesco to shut by superglueing their hands to the door and invited us to do the same to the opposite Starbucks. The people at the squat were welcoming and offered us a bed for the night and their phone numbers in case we got into trouble. Unfortunately these people were later arrested when the police stormed it that night. On our way back to Climate Camp we walked passed Bank where the second police line had been moved so far back that it was impossible to see what was happening inside but two injured protester told me that the police had charge with horses and dogs.

6?pm: At Climate camp the police had just kettled the protesters in and were pushing them back smashing up tents and bicycles as they moved, to the shouts of ‘shame on you’. The protesters on either side of the police peacefully sat down and sang whatever came into our heads like ‘the wheels on the bus’. The police tried to move us back so we could not see what they were doing in Climate Camp and when we refused, pulled and kicked us till we were cleared. Finally at 11pm we heard that the police were allowing people out on the other side so walked round to meet up with our friends who had been cadged in.

My day which had started off which such hope for change, with so many people from all over the country calling for the same revolution, had been ruined due to one thing; the disgusting and immoral tactics used by the police during the day. But this does not mean we shouldn’t try again, it just gives us more reason to try harder.

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  1. this isn’t how the lay out is or anything just a copy paste of the words :D

    22 Apr 2009, 21:45

  2. I dunno, this feels like it’s missing something. each bit is pretty brief, could they be fleshed out a bit to describe what the atmosphere/mood was like at the start, compared to the end? morale of the rest of the protesters/yourself? police response when you asked to leave the kettle? and the last paragraph just seems kinda vague and tacked on. but otherwise, good! good summary of what happened over the course of the day.

    25 Apr 2009, 14:13

  3. i no i completly agree and thats why before it was 1000 words longer but seeing as i want lots of pics and stuff i cant see how i can make it any longer and still have it fit on 2 pages!!

    26 Apr 2009, 16:35

  4. Mark Carrigan

    Maybe make reference to the pictures you’re posting up so the text could be to a guide to the pictures you’ve taken which gives them context?

    26 Apr 2009, 18:14

  5. Liking the idea of a timeline – much more readable than a normal article.

    Personally, I’d be really up for giving you an extra 1,000 words.

    One thing I thought was unclear was what you meant by the “the same revolution” – maybe expand that idea with half a sentance.

    29 Apr 2009, 01:49

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