May 03, 2009

Statement of Intent and Leaflet

Statement of Intent:

"We are here because we believe that climate change is the most serious
threat facing our planet and business leaders and governments are taking no
real steps to tackle the problem.

We believe that climate change cannot be dealt with within a system that is
based on unsustainable and unregulated economic growth and consumption.

We are calling on the world’s leaders at the G20 conference to take climate
change seriously and scrap false solutions such as carbon trading. We reject
carbon trading as part of a dangerous logic which allows the richest to
pollute while the poorest suffer.

We reject the false logic which puts the economy first and climate change
second. The recession and climate change are part of the same problem and
need to be addressed together. That’s why we are protesting in the financial

We will be joining a grassroots potentially thousand strong movement the
day before the G20.

We began our discussion by talking about what we would like the world to be
like and our protest will be informed by these ideas. The Warwick group will
complement the climate camp through street theatre in the tubes, in cafes
and in spaces that we find on the day. We will try to create a dialogue with
passers-by about alternatives both through theatre and through direct
communication and free food!"


*Climate change affects you.* Don’t let governments and business speculate
with our climate in the same way they speculated with our homes and jobs.

Climate change and the economy are part of the same problem and need to be
solved together. That’s why we are in the financial district!

World leaders at the G20 need to look at meaningful solutions to climate
change and stop spinning their way out of it with carbon trading. The
solutions exist yet the UK currently spends 0.0083% of its GDP dealing with

Fossil fuel companies and trading firms are churning out global warming
gases and reaping huge profits whilst doing it. The UK government wants to
bulldoze people’s homes and build a *third runway* at Heathrow. Meanwhile
the first *new coal power station* in twenty years is planned for

Today we are joining a *grassroots movement*. Diverse people all over
London are calling on business and world leaders to take their concerns
seriously. We are taking theatre, food and discussion to the financial
district and starting a dialogue about the world we want our children to
live in.

*A sustainable future is a green future*. Take a look at the alternatives
such as *http://www.zerocarbonbritain. com*

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