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April 26, 2009

Why Were We Protesting and What Did We Achieve?

"I camped on Bishop's Gate because I believe that climate change cannot be solved within an economic system that is based on growth at whatever cost. I was also there in solidarity with climate camp, a growing grassroots environmental movement whose strength is its inclusivity. On the day I feel we helped create a space which fostered solidarity and dialogue between protesters. I will take away the sense that this was a stepping stone to building a larger movement within and outside of climate camp. I think its important to remember that we were not alone. We joined thousands of people in the Square mile to de-legitimate the current agenda of the G20. Though the protests have been termed pointless and purposeless, it is important to remember that we were all calling for change and some of us for radical change. To coin the name of the march the saturday before, we were all there to 'Put People First'."

(Isabel Parrott)

Why were you protesting? What if anything do you think anti-summit protests achieve? Can we get a comments page started, maybe also from people you knew who were not part of climate camp and who were involved in one of the other protests. I had suggested putting some names onlike Tony Benn but I've had a listen and the speeches were a bit shit so perhaps our comments will be better.

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