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April 21, 2009

Collation of news articles and useful links

I thought it would be cool, given that the situation is changing every second, if we could have a list of news articles people could look at to keep updated...


Feb 23rd
Britain faces summer of rage - police

March 21st
£7m to police G20 summit: 'We have to be innovative to match protesters,' says officer in charge

March 23rd
Police 'heavy-handed at protests'

March 26th
G20 anarchists use Google Streetview to target the City
G20 rioters to hang banker effigies from lampposts as city staff are told to wear disguises

March 28th
G20 demonstrators march in London
'Politics should be about people, not profit'
'This is another nail in coffin of capitalism'
Government 'using fear as a weapon to erode civil liberties'

March 29th
35,000 protesters turn out for G20 march in London ... but police arrest just one

March 30th
The challenge of policing the G20
Five held over suspected plot to disrupt G20 summit with explosives stunt

March 31st
G20 summit and protests: live blog
The City prepares for this week's G20 protests (14 pictures)

April 1st
Live: G20 Summit Build-up
Police clash with G20 protesters
Police stop armoured car in London
G20 Summit Protests in London
G20 protests: riot police clash with demonstrators
G20 protests erupt in London (39 pictures)
G20 summit in London: interactive map
G20 protests: Riot police, or rioting police?
G20 Protests: Police, Demonstrators Clash Outside The Bank Of England
Massive Security Steels for G20 Protests
The G20 Protesters
G20 summit in London: interactive map

April 2nd
G20 April 2nd: Raids and Remembrance
The G20 Summit
Man who died during G20 protest was walking home from work
G20 protests: police behaviour "disproportionate and provocative"
G20 protests: 'I don't know who is being protected here'
G20 demo: getting the kettle on
G20 summit: the front pages (24 pictures)
Man dies during G20 protests in London
G20: Questions need to be asked about 'kettling'
G20: The upside of 'kettling'
London G20 Live: As-it-happened

April 3rd
I predict a riot cop
Press release from G20 witnesses to Ian Tomlinson death
UK 'kettling' tactic sparks anger
Protests at the G20 summit
Riot police storm G20 protesters' squats ... as violence spreads to France
Baton charges and kettling: police's G20 crowd control tactics under fire

April 4th
Statement G20 witnesses at Bank demo
G20 death man 'had heart attack'
Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests
Pictured: The man who died in G20 violence as he returned home from work

April 5th
G20 activists want public inquiry
Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests

April 6th
Police watchdog probing G20 death
Another Death in the City, Another "Misadventure"?
G20: Police question witness to alleged assault on man who died during protests

April 7th
De Menezes taught the Met nothing
Footage shows G20 death man push
Ian Tomlinson death: Guardian video reveals police attack on man who died at G20 protest
G20 police assault revealed in video

April 8th
‘BBC refused Guardian G20 protest vid’ - too much of a London story?
G20 probe officer comes forward
G20 video 'concerns' police chief
G20 London report: Meltdown in the City
G20 death: 41 seconds of video that raise serious questions for police
Ian Tomlinson's G20 death: Now it's time for justice, says family
Ian Tomlinson death: Police officer comes forward to IPCC
Ian Tomlinson death: IPCC takes over inquiry from G20 protests police force

April 9th
G20 police officer is suspended
G20 death: Met police officer breaks cover
G20 assault: how Metropolitan police tried to manage a death
Inquest opens into G20 death of Ian Tomlinson
G20 death: 'Police have failed to learn the lessons of the De Menezes case'
G20 death: Police officer suspended
Inquest opens into G20 death of Ian Tomlinson

April 10th
Ian Tomlinson death: G20 riot officer in footage has not been interviewed
Questions Asked Over Choice of Dr. In G20 Death

April 11th
Pathologist in Ian Tomlinson G20 death case was reprimanded over conduct

April 12th
Ian Tomlinson: three-year wait for G20 death verdict

April 13th

April 14th
Watchdog wrong in G20 CCTV claim
Riddle of missing CCTV as pictures reveal there WERE cameras near G20 death
Police watchdog chief wrong to say no CCTV in area of Ian Tomlinson assault
Police to probe 'woman assault'

April 15th
Met suspends G20 footage officer
The limits of Boris the libertarian
G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police
Metropolitan police officer suspended over attack at G20 death vigil
Met chief orders review of public order policing after G20 protest

April 16th
G20 police receive 145 complaints
New Ian Tomlinson photos show police contact before video clash
Police delete London tourists' photos 'to prevent terrorism'
Police 'kettle' tactic feels the heat

April 17th
G20 officer quizzed over death
Man Knocked Down During G-20 Protest Died of Internal Bleeding, New Autopsy Says
Officer in manslaughter probe over G20 death
Tomlinson: pathology of the truth
Injured G20 protester compares police treatment to Taliban whipping
Tomlinson officer questioned on suspicion of manslaughter

April 18th
G20 death post mortem: IPCC barred
G20 officer 'hit me across face'
New video shows G20 protest clash
G20 death: 'This might have been swept under the rug' - eyewitness
G20 death: Met police officer may face manslaughter charge
Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate third G20 protests incident
Third G20 protests incident referred to Independent Police Complaints Commission
Ian Tomlinson G20 protests death: police officer faces manslaughter charge
G20 policing: how events unfolded

April 19th
IPCC chief to face MPs over G20
IPCC urges crowd control debate
Caught on video... another G20 policeman lashes out at protester
IPCC chief slams tactics of G20 police at demo
New G20 video shows police hitting protesters

April 20th
Police chiefs defend G20 tactics
Police threatened G20 activists with tasers as ex-yard chief blames 'leadership crisis' for aggression
At the core of this policing crisis is a leadership failure
G20 videos won't change the Met
MPs to examine G20 police tactics as new claims emerge
G20 officer ‘pointed Taser at protesters’
G20 protests: Red faces for police over stolen equipment worth £12k
G20 policing: Dee Doocey's motion for MPA

April 21st
Police removal of ID numbers 'unacceptable', says top watchdog
G20 police action 'unacceptable'
New G20 death post-mortem sought
Minister is 'proud' of G20 police
New G20 death post-mortem agreed
IPCC leader criticised by police
IPCC leader criticised by police
Judge rejects G20 footage ban bid
NUJ to widen legal challenge over G20 police's treatment of journalists
New G20 protests footage exposes police aggression as poll reveals public opposition to tactics
G20 police: A death changes everything

April 22nd
G20 protest footage shows moment Ian Tomlinson's head hit the pavement
Ian Tomlinson G20 death: coroner grants request for third postmortem
Met chief praises police for their 'professional job' at G20 protests

April 23rd
Clean coal push marks reversal of UK energy policy
Miliband's coal decision is cynical and meaningless
Boris Johnson condemns media response to G20 policing
G20 policing: a letter to the Standard

April 24th
G20 policing: Jenny Jones on the MPA's duty to Londoners
G20 policing: Mayor and Met seek to claw back credibility
Bank seeks £40,000 compensation from teenage G20 protester
G20 policing: Stephenson on "intrusive supervision"
G20 policing: Tomlinson's head wound
G20 policing: Labour's MPA motion

April 25th
Editorial... Police and protest: failure of intelligence

April 26th
G20 police blog boasts about a 'good kicking'
Police violence and death: an old story

May 1st
Police officer who posted sick online message about man who died in G20 protest resigns

May 5th
So you think young people don't care about politics?

May 10th
G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

General stuff:

flickr pics
Twitter stuff on the g20: part one / part two / general overview of most relevant comments / pictures
Climate Camp legal docs
Have Your Say on the police
Kettle the Met (Facebook)
Police brutality and BBC negligence (Facebook)
United Campaign Against Police Violence / United Campaign Against Police Violence (Facebook)
Defend Peaceful Protest / Defend Peaceful Protest (Facebook)
Blog for the violence people saw on the day
g20 Meltdown
Bill Maloney gives the BBC what for (on police distraction techniques, the BBC misreporting, how the rich leech off the poor, and being able to say "cunt" on TV)
Fitwatch (containing the quote "We were doing our job, we were doing what we were told and we were getting on with it and we were doing exactly what we were trained to do. If you don't agree with the training then fine, but don't try and persecute us for doing what we are trained to do just because you don't like how it looks")
Police message board

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