April 27, 2005



November 12, 2004

Fate is Fate?

Meet U
Is the plan from the God 相遇 是上天的安排
Love U
Is the choice from each other 相爱 是你我的选择
Know U
is witness of our love 相知 是爱情的见证
Watch U
is the hope on sensation 相守 是感情的寄托
But all of these is FATE 而这一切 都是缘分的撮合

分手 是抓着的手没有了感觉
分离 是对你我最残忍的结果

But what about our hearts?
Fate let them together
Why break them away?
Fate is Fate(有缘也是缘)
No Fate is also Fate(无缘也是缘)
Is it love?
Is it life?
The answer has been given in songs:
Life is a dream
Life is a play
But no matter it's a dream or a play
The sorrow has stayed on me
How to sweep them away?


Just for U-ZT

November 03, 2004

Does How Much You Love Someone Mean How Much You Care Him/Her?

One of my friends just has a boyfriend serveral days before, but she thinks she does not like that guy very much. I ask her why? The reason she gives to me is that she thinks she does not care that guy so much. She does not care what that guy thinks, she does not care what that guy wears, and she does not care that whether that guy might be hurt by her saying. So my friend is deeply sad now. She thinks she does not love that guy. But I do not think so.
The relationship between each other is very amazing. Most of time it is hard to say how much you love someone. Although sometimes if you care a guy very much can reflect you love him very much, everything changes all the time, everyone changes all the time. The important thing is NOW. Catch each second when you have feeling with someone and enjoy the happiness together with someone is the best choice. I just want to wish my friend have a happiness and do not care so much how much she love that guy.
Darling, just enjoy the happy moment. I’ll wish you best.

November 02, 2004

The Movie of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet (1996)

The new version of Romeo & Juliet was one of the most famous films made in the past that reproduced at the present. It is safe to say that most of people are familiar with this romantic tragedy. The pairs of lovers Romeo (Leonardo DICAPRIO) and Juliet (Claire DANES) fell in love with each other at the first sight, and they determined to be together. Unfortunately, because of their feuding families the young couple died in the end. In this new version, at the same time by using the same dialogue as Shakespeare the director also added some attractive factors, for instance, a timeless love story, a hip soundtrack, great sets, many kinds of costumes and plenty of action. I think it is a great and creative attempt of film-making to draw the cinema goers’ attention.

First of all, the visual capabilities of the film are dynamic. The whole film is very fast and exciting to watch. Audience can always get the sense of urgency during the whole film, and they will easily get caught up in the story. Although plenty of the dialogues in the film are from Shakespeare’s, the camera-work tells the plot as clearly as the text because there are very few moments in this film when camera stops moving. Secondly, this film has a close relationship between contemporary societies. There are many fashionable stage properties and costumes, such as guns, cars, and firework. Since these things have never been seen in other Shakespeare’s, which can make audience feel authentic. In addition, when the audiences are watching this film they may feel that the story just happened by their sides. In the set of polices are chasing on Romeo it just like in the reality: when the polices are chasing on a convict all of them are prepared with guns stabled-in-the-chest, and the helicopter is circling on the sky.

Moreover, because of these modern factors this film is closely related to the reality but beyond the reality. In this film the centre issue is Love, which is only thing Romeo and Juliet cared about. In their opinions Love is the most important thing in their life. They believe in this true love and dare to face to it. They trust each other deeply so they even choose die together but not live lonely. However, in reality people become more and more snobbish, at the same time, true love is not the most important thing. People are in pursuit of more real things, such as money, position and instantaneous intense emotion. Most of them can not believe in true love. This film just has a great influence for today’s people. It tells them there is still true love by their sides. If they always believe in it they may find it.

I think this Romeo and Juliet is successful on many levels for many reasons. It makes the audience feel very comfortable with everything going on the screen for it is all familiar and easily understandable through the interpretations of the film makers. I believe that the majority of the audience will be excited and touched at the movie's end.



Last night I had a terrible cough. Since I woke up in the early morning of today I couldn't fall to sleep again. I know it is because myself. These days I had a horrible life with drinking and smoking and shouting and fighting. I feel a little bit disappointed with myself. But I'm afraid I have addicted to it. We all konw addiction is terrible but we all feel hard to get rid of it. How can I do? I coughed about 3weeks but I still keep on smoking and drinking without drinking water. What a bad guy I am. One of my friend is so extrordinary. She is good at study, has a regular lifestyle and good looking. I have to fit my eye on her. From today I start to become normal. I have to !

Good Looking is Good!

I watched a T.V programme last night. In that programme the interviewee who is very famous in Taiwan said she just cared about the appearance of her boyfriend but not about the ability or characteristic of him. Her handsome Bf is totally enough for her.When I told this to my friends they just thought the young lady was so crazy and so naive. However, for me, she is great!
I like good looked people. I enjoy seeing them, appreciating them all the time. It's a kind of enjoyment of vision. For me I'm even demanding my good friends to be good looking. I also believed that if the guy has a great appearance he/she would not evil so far. Even though he/she is good looking but evil I think somebody can change him/her someday. On the other side, if the guy do not have a pretty good surface how can someone change him/her?
We can easily find good guy with great ability and kind character, but it's so hard to find someone really good looking in the real life. So finding good looking guy is a risk for us. But I will not give up,even if just can become common friends— let's try!

October 04, 2004



I got a blog!


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