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February 26, 2005

Lent, London and Socialising

Ok so I've just about had enough of the giving-up-chocolate thing. Especially since having discovered that Lent doesn't actually end until Good Friday as opposed to Palm Sunday – so much for 40 days! This of course means that our lovingly prepared countdown chart – complete with silver and gold stars, no expense spared – is in fact wrong. And I therefore have an extra five days of "suffering" to look forward to. Although technically I guess that they're not an 'extra five days'...they were always there, minding their own business and happily going about their belonging to Lent-ness…but at the same time it would appear that they were deviously hiding from the novice's view and subtly conspiring against all those not only stupid enough to voluntarily give up chocolate for Lent, but also ignorant enough not to know such important details concerning said Lent-ness. I'm not bitter.

Last weekend I went to London to visit some friends and as part of the proposed itinerary that they presented to me upon my Friday evening arrival, there was a surprise planned for 7pm on the Saturday evening. Not normally one for surprises (I'm too impatient), I was naturally rather intrigued by this prospect throughout Saturday daytime's trips to Hyde Park (to feed the ducks and get scared by the scary screeching birds), Leicester Square (Pizza Hut was calling – we answered), Covent Garden (first exciting flakes of snow) and Oxford Street. However having come to no conclusions I had to accept that the surprise was going to remain a surprise – and what a surprise! I couldn't quite believe it when we walked down Argyll Street at 7pm towards the crowds of people outside the London Palladium, all queuing up to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang starring none other than the man himself, Jason Donovan! I'm not ashamed to admit that I used to have a bit of a crush on old JD, as did my friends, ahem, so we were all very excited about the show. And I'm pleased to say that he didn't disappoint – the show was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible, highly recommended! The special effects of course, what with the flying car, were extremely impressive. So all in all I had a very enjoyable evening and weekend. Thanks guys!

Although I can't quite believe it as yet, in two days my baby sister Charlotte is going to be one year old. This time last year I was in Germany – it feels like a lifetime ago, yet when I think of Charlotte soon being a whole year old, it doesn't quite seem possible! She's having a birthday party tomorrow afternoon which I'm very much looking forward to – not least because I haven't seen her or my Dad since the beginning of February. When I spoke to my Dad earlier this week and he asked if I had any plans for the rest of the week, I told him that my only one was Charlotte's birthday party, to which he replied that it will of course be the social event of the year – does that help to explain my somewhat over-excited anticipation?! I did however see Ben's birthday party on Neighbours this week (come on Neighbours fans) which descended into an array of chaos and screaming children, so I have to admit that my high spirits were dampened for a second or two as I considered the reality of such a social event, but knowing the infectious good nature of my sister (who I've only ever seen cry about twice in the whole year) I'm optimistic that the party will be nothing but laughter and smiles :o) In fact, my friends reckon I'm probably going to enjoy it all more than the kids will – an opinion that I wholeheartedly agree with, who said it was time to grow up yet?!

February 09, 2005

Halfway Hell

So it's the halfway point of my last ever reading week and it's the moment to ask myself if I've used my time thus far as efficiently and productively as I should have – the answer to which being something along the lines of: have I hell.

Monday morning, whilst still firmly believing in my conscientiousness with regard to an inordinate amount of reading week-inspired good intentions, I compiled an ever-useful list of "Work / Things To Do" (in order of priority, no less). Then went to Tesco. An excursion that unsurprisingly wasn't on my prioritised List. Despite having my car on campus and therefore undertaking regular weekly trips to Sainsbury's with my flatmates, I decided that: a) I would walk - the fresh air would do me the world of good (not that I particularly needed to have the world of good done to me at this point) as well as put me in the right mood for working (erm, how exactly?); and b) I could no longer wait until this week's aforementioned weekly trip to buy what I deemed as essential items conducive to study (i.e. snacks for those mid-morning/mid-afternoon "study breaks" when lunch/dinner seem an impossibly-long age away). So, Monday morning closely followed by Monday afternoon came and went and all of a sudden I found myself dancing the night away at Top B, having drunk far too many vodka and lemonades.

Hence Tuesday was a bit of a blur. I must've been in a pretty dazed and confused state at any rate since I seem to have volunteered to join my friend in giving up chocolate for Lent. An idea which was regretted at approximately 00:02 on Tuesday night, when my flatmate reminded me of my proposed "sacrifice" – just as I was about to bite into a chunk of scrumptious granary bread smothered with Nutella (leftover from the earlier pancake party).

As for today? Well, I'm spending today in Birmingham – to break up the monotony of a work-filled reading week and inspire me to continue working in such a diligent and dedicated way for the remainder of the week. Oh dear…

February 07, 2005

Reading Week Mini–Break

(Pretending to be oblivious to the fact that I haven't updated this for ages…)

First of all – hooray and wahoo! It's that marvellous time of term again, oh yes, it's reading week. Ahh, time to sit back, relax and enjoy a well-earned break from the stresses and strains of everyday student life…isn't that what week six is all about?!

My weekend trip home with my two fabulous flatmate friends got off to a reasonable start – we left uni at around 10.45am yesterday morning, only 45mins late according to the prearranged 'schedule', which was pretty good really considering how long I usually take to get ready. Anyone who saw us, loaded like carthorses, traipsing down the stairs and out to my car could've been forgiven for thinking that we were off on a week-long trip to a remote island where you have to provide your own kitchen sink. Admittedly the majority of the baggage was mine – well, I had to take advantage of the free laundry facilities at home and my "3-weeks-on-my-bed"-old bedlinen was definitely most grateful for its excursion. It wanted to run there itself but the prospect of the three of us singing our hearts out to Il Divo seemed to be the persuading factor and it decided it would travel with us after all. So, 2hrs, 20mins, far too many Tesco Mint Assortment mints and an excessive amount of Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs later, we arrived in good old Bury St. Edmunds (it's where Saint Edmund – oh good old Saint Edmund – was buried, you know). After a disappointing rifle through 5 weeks of mail only to discover 3 bank statements, a phone bill and a "quality of life" survey addressed to me, we spent the afternoon wandering around Bury town centre and admiring the Abbey Gardens. Or rather, climbing up and clinging for dear life onto some random chunks of stone (otherwise known as ruins) whilst posing for silly photos in the Abbey Gardens. On the way home we celebrated the fact that it's reading week and rewarded ourselves for our energetic (ahem), fresh-air-filled afternoon with a stop at the Thorntons Cafe…mmmm :o)

Today we (eventually) left my house at around noon, 'Speedy Fliss' having been extra-speedy and only taken about 2 hours to get ready. With laundry freshly laundered and the car repacked with all of our "just-in-case" and "you never know what might happen" belongings, we set off to see the sights of Cambridge. After popping into a few shops, it was soon time for lunch before a less-than-5-minute trip to King's College chapel to hear the (first few bars of the) evensong choral service. What a treat. After a chilly half an hour spent searching for the River Cam, we stumbled upon it (not literally, thankfully) and even got to see the merry punters punting away merrily on their punts (is that really a subject noun, object noun and a verb?!). Of course after all this excitement we had to stop at Starbucks on the way back to the car…mmmm :o) (Anyone seeing a pattern emerging here?!)

So, a refreshingly delightful hot-chocolate-filled weekend to kick-start reading week…I wonder just how inspired to work I will feel in the morning though?!

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