February 26, 2005

Lent, London and Socialising

Ok so I've just about had enough of the giving-up-chocolate thing. Especially since having discovered that Lent doesn't actually end until Good Friday as opposed to Palm Sunday – so much for 40 days! This of course means that our lovingly prepared countdown chart – complete with silver and gold stars, no expense spared – is in fact wrong. And I therefore have an extra five days of "suffering" to look forward to. Although technically I guess that they're not an 'extra five days'...they were always there, minding their own business and happily going about their belonging to Lent-ness…but at the same time it would appear that they were deviously hiding from the novice's view and subtly conspiring against all those not only stupid enough to voluntarily give up chocolate for Lent, but also ignorant enough not to know such important details concerning said Lent-ness. I'm not bitter.

Last weekend I went to London to visit some friends and as part of the proposed itinerary that they presented to me upon my Friday evening arrival, there was a surprise planned for 7pm on the Saturday evening. Not normally one for surprises (I'm too impatient), I was naturally rather intrigued by this prospect throughout Saturday daytime's trips to Hyde Park (to feed the ducks and get scared by the scary screeching birds), Leicester Square (Pizza Hut was calling – we answered), Covent Garden (first exciting flakes of snow) and Oxford Street. However having come to no conclusions I had to accept that the surprise was going to remain a surprise – and what a surprise! I couldn't quite believe it when we walked down Argyll Street at 7pm towards the crowds of people outside the London Palladium, all queuing up to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang starring none other than the man himself, Jason Donovan! I'm not ashamed to admit that I used to have a bit of a crush on old JD, as did my friends, ahem, so we were all very excited about the show. And I'm pleased to say that he didn't disappoint – the show was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible, highly recommended! The special effects of course, what with the flying car, were extremely impressive. So all in all I had a very enjoyable evening and weekend. Thanks guys!

Although I can't quite believe it as yet, in two days my baby sister Charlotte is going to be one year old. This time last year I was in Germany – it feels like a lifetime ago, yet when I think of Charlotte soon being a whole year old, it doesn't quite seem possible! She's having a birthday party tomorrow afternoon which I'm very much looking forward to – not least because I haven't seen her or my Dad since the beginning of February. When I spoke to my Dad earlier this week and he asked if I had any plans for the rest of the week, I told him that my only one was Charlotte's birthday party, to which he replied that it will of course be the social event of the year – does that help to explain my somewhat over-excited anticipation?! I did however see Ben's birthday party on Neighbours this week (come on Neighbours fans) which descended into an array of chaos and screaming children, so I have to admit that my high spirits were dampened for a second or two as I considered the reality of such a social event, but knowing the infectious good nature of my sister (who I've only ever seen cry about twice in the whole year) I'm optimistic that the party will be nothing but laughter and smiles :o) In fact, my friends reckon I'm probably going to enjoy it all more than the kids will – an opinion that I wholeheartedly agree with, who said it was time to grow up yet?!

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  1. Catz

    I remember those days :), when you had a HUGE crush on old JD, I do believe it was pre-"Shout" era, before there was a good few floppy haired bright eyeds beaming down from you walls. With risks of further embarassment and retalliation I shall say no more, other than hint at a celebrity father to be with a very bad fake tan.

    As I write this lil' gorgeous Charlie will have turned a whole year, did she have a good party? And just as importantly did youe enjoy it too? I wish I hadn't got your neighbours references, although I do record seeing that particular episode ((and everyone that week)), there was something misssing tho the only very messey ingredient for a first birthday – food! Anywayz its too late for warnings and no matter you final appearances I'm sure you had an excellent party!

    05 Mar 2005, 12:24

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