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April 28, 2012

Presentations in KBAM

Managing time in presentation while including so many information is not an easy job to do. While doing the presentations on Friday, two teams didn't manage to finish their presentations within the 20 minutes time given.

As I was discussing this with a classmate from a different team after the end of the presentations and I though it was about practising and communication with the team members. But after from what also Paul said is about what kind of information and slides you choose to include in your presentation. You can choose to present only 3-4 key slides which represent a more holistic view of what you are presenting and you can talk more time on each. Also, since we had the chance to have a portfolio which was summarising our work we could present only the elements we thought were important and leave the less important elements (which anyway were included in the portfolio).

However, my question is: What can we do if we don't have the chance to have a portfolio which summarises everything? How shall we present in order to include all the important information needed to sell our ideas?

Some steps that we've already implemented were: avoiding the theoretical information and concentrate more on the practical ones, use images of maybe some models and describe the practise of those models, and be prepared to provide the details at the end of the presentation while questions will be made.

This is important from all the individuals in a later stage of their lives when the time is limited and short presentations can be made to the potential stakeholders.

So what do you think? Is there anything more that could be done for including everything you want to say in a short presentation?

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