Who we are and what we do!

About me


Hello hello hello,

We are Freshblood Theatre, drama society extraordinaire!
Baaasically we do loads of Variety Show nights In Lem and on Campus (in the oh so glamorous Graduate Club), involving bands, stand up comedy and new student writing.

As well as this we perform the INFAMOUS Freshblood Panto every christmas (too bad if you didn’t see it this year-twas a Chav extravaganza)

In spring term we are also doing a play in day event (WUDS did play in weekend…which was good…but even so HAH, we do it faster and better.)

Other forthcoming events include, Circus day (!) New Writing night (!!) and even a play or two (!!!)

So…if you fancy writing summat and seeing it put on…its pretty obvious what u need to do.