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November 15, 2004

coming Back Coventry

Follow-up to Köln – Back Home / A fake World Centre Imagination 13–15 Nov 04 from Francisco's blog

Today we got up really soon. Yesterday Nicola stayed on the room, she was really tired. But I went out around 21:00. So today morning I was still sleeping. ?We wend down as took the breakfast. Nicola was feeling much better of her foot. I manage to buy some Lebkuchen, for a german friend of mine, which is making Erasmus in Warwick as well. We wend to the airport. There, I asked for a weel chair for Nicola. At first she didn't wanted to have one. She agreed to have one but just at the bording desk.

November 14, 2004

2nd Day in Cologne, Nicola on the Hospital

Follow-up to Köln – Back Home / A fake World Centre Imagination 13–15 Nov 04 from Francisco's blog

Here we are in Cologne. Everything is going wrong. Yesterday we had a really stressed day. Nocola was not feeling well, and I was really mad we a friend of mine that we should had meet. Today Nocola waik up with pains in her right foot. We went down to take breackfast, and she was not so bad. Later on she started to feel real pains. And I called and Anbulancy, though she did't wanted to come I had to convince her. She is really stressed out, with or without my fault, the true is that I'm geting on my last strengs because of this scary weekend. I hope I manage to mantein coold blood, until the end. And above all I hope I don't lose a good friend….

November 13, 2004

Coventry airport and 1st day in Cologne

Follow-up to Köln – Back Home / A fake World Centre Imagination 13–15 Nov 04 from Francisco's blog

Me and Nicola just arrive in Cologne. There was some interesting poblems in Coventry Airport. Coventry airport is a rely tiny litle shit. It is far far away and it cost more or less 11 $ to get there from the university campus. They thought they done some mestakes with the vbagae and so the disarge the bagage from the airplane and made us get out from the airplane to collect our bagade. On the end there was just our bagade there, so we lost one hour there. The second probleme was when we gotn in Cologne.
We went to a gay bar, and that was very funy. The comertial streets in cologne were completle stucked. So we had a bad time trying to get out of there.

November 09, 2004

My Niece Carolina Maria

Last Saturday, 6th November, my sister Cristina in Lisbon had her child a beautiful and healty girl. Her name will be Carolina Maria. Cristina had some complications beceuse the girl was too big, and she lost to much blood so she had to get a transfution. She is good now and she managed to go home today. The child is perfectly ok, she has fat fingers, hehehe.
I will just be able to visit them on the begining of Dezember.

Name: Carolina Maria
Weight: 3.82 kg
Length: 47cm

November 08, 2004

I become an Uncle

Follow-up to Leipzig / Torgau – Post Communist Resistance 5–8 Nov 04 from Francisco's blog

For everybody interested here is a foto of my sweet little niece. Her name will be Isabell Theresa. She is born Friday, the 5th of November, one month and one week too early. But until now she is fine. Luisa had many pains. She is still having them, but slowly she seems to be recovering. Is was very nice to come back to Leipzig and become such good news. There is even a second good news. My sister Cristina, she is in Lisbon, also had her child, on Saturday. So I have now 2 nieces in less than 2 days.

November 03, 2004

Niki de Saint Phalle

One of my favorit artist of the second haft of the XX century

I had my first contact with Niki de Saint Phalle in Hanover in the Sprengel Museum, it was an amazing discovery. The museum building is a surprising thing just for it self, whish no one should miss if it is in the near. Nice DADA, nice post war german realism, Picasso, Braque, Magrite. It has not a congruent colletion, actually one might argue and with great reason that the Sprengel Museam is a warehouse on a strick sence due to combine so many diferente things side by side. Before dieing Niki gave 300 masterpices to the museum. Don't go there just to see a lost Picasso brought just because it was a Picasso in a milionair auction, proudy exibited as the bad capacity that, mostly northen, Germans have to show off social status by dressing expensive cloths without no much tast.

Rooms after rooms of Niki's works and uncredible informal drawings that will tell you much more about Niki's personality and ginious than any writer could do.

She puts women as women are and feel, with sexual disere and fantasies. Not the quite, domestic women image that women like still to give. But women that like men expose their sexuality and there presence on a natural way, not in the proconcepted woman's place of distance and disgardeness towards sexuality. She draws viginas, not as static objects but as needing plasure obtainers. And above all she is not a slut, she is SHE, as a WOMAN.

She likes men for their because of their sexual atraction, for their virility for the plasere the might give har, and that's all. She uses them. She doesn't admits, because is nothing to be admited it is so.

Her sculpters transmits an internal woman, her colours, their internal reference shapes, as strongness among women. The typ o a super sexual woman, os shapes and ultimate desire, but more. There is music, harmonic palet, there is the all world sibolisticly evocated through lines of expectations, os pretencious coths that are riped off, diminished when confronted with interior women that rebelate in Niki's works and become the really me. The really women's me if first fellt from incide, from explosive disire and ambicious sex between other not less expectations and emotions, and then the small litle things that society conventionete how to discribe women are nothins more than small reference working arms, day by day closes. What she does is expose it, not on fat women but on women that rebent to the outside.

I do like her…

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