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January 18, 2009

Share the vision – Che Guevara

Back from the arts centre. Went to see the movie about Che Guevara (quite nice movie, recommended) . Che was a very good example of a charismatic leader (I`m not saying that based on the movie, that is a work of fiction of course). There is a moment in the movie where there is a dialogue in which a reporter asks Che why he follows Fidel and why the Cuban people followed them. And he says because Fidel was able to share his vision. Well it is much easier to share a vision if you are good at communication and charisma, but and if you are not? We could get again in the discussion about born and made and decide that one could be trained to improve in bith communication and charisma, but the movie (again, the movie, not necessarily the real character) provides onde answer in which I believe. Example.

On the movie, Che did not have any privileges, fought desperately against his breathing difficulties (he had ashtma), and besides that someone who graduates in a medical school and voluntarily decides to joining that movement had some authority based on the example. So, its the old story, to be respected you have got to set example, have got to walk the talk.

December 04, 2008

Some changes on mission and vision

Follow-up to My mission and vision from Francisco's blog

Reflecting on what we discussed today and in some learnings that I`m taking from my readings for the CBE PMA, I`ll make two changes on the mission (none in the vision):

Include one mission:

- Being an active member of the society I`m living on, doing my part to help it improve through volunteer work, political participation or any other mean that I uderstand possible and necessary

Change from:

"Make my best to help my colleagues to achieve their objectives. Always share knowledge."


Always have a cooperative approach and not a competitive one with my colleagues. Always share knowledge

It`s going to be improved.

December 03, 2008

My mission and vision

3 different discussions came together in my mind today. First the whole mission/vision definition thing. It`s hard to create missions and visions that are effective, realistic and at the same time are not just "comon sense". We had quite a few discussions about that the last few days/weeks therefore is quite clear in my mind.

Second, the other day I was discussing BSC with Smiley and Luis on the computer lab and I talked a litlle about the bit of experience I had with BSC in my life. I can`t remember how but I ended up talking about some plans I have for my future.

The next day, I was talking with Mariana about the project choice, and we were thinking about were we want to be in 5 tears, how hard is to define it.

Well, I put all of this together and thought. I`ll create a Mission and a Vision for myself, and perhaps as an exercise I`ll build a BSC later with it, to "deploy"it. Actually I`ve already done it in my mind, but not formalized.

Keep in my mind that this is just a draft (and for personal reasons I`ll say it in a way that makes sense only to me) that can and will be improved.


-To achieve the same professional level of X (a person that I have enormous admiration) in 8 years time while being able of building a healthy and happy family.


-Do that by using only my skills and efforts, never using any kind of "shortcut" or  non-ethical alternative

-Working hard but striving to keep the best possible enviroment around me.

-Always allow time for family, friends and for healthy activities such as sports, trips and entertainment

-Make my best to help my colleagues to achieve their objectives. Always share knowledge.

-Build a family and share equally the responsibility with my future wife.


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