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January 15, 2009

LEarning and using

Working on my LE PMA and got very aware about leadership and how people use it, how people who have a tendency to lead behave. That why today I was in a meeting for the SLLC, were elected representants of all the programs in WMG meet to discuss several matters. Thinking that we are all volunteers elected by our colleagues to represent them is reasonable to assume that all of us have, in some degree, a tendency to lead. Well, there was a moment in which it was hard to find an agreement on a specific question. I was paying so much attention in everyone`s behaviour that I did not really paid attention to the matter. I saw how some people try to use rational arguments, others tryed to make different proposals combine by mixing (and it was the worst solution, both the original ones worked well on themselves but mixing, in my opinion was worse them any of them individually). Some other people were not really dictatorial because the situation did not allow but by paying attention I could feel that if the situation allowed they would rather had decided alone. 

No one had a similar approach and by only concentrating on them I could see some theories working. Interesting experiment....

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