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January 22, 2009

Charismatic leaders

As I wrote a few posts ago I always enjoyed leading (and I must say that I`m quite proud with the fact that I have been able to be a good follower several times lately, and I did it on a conscious way, a learning way, trying to understand what was the most productive behaviour, how other people behaved and led).  I also have always understood that my leadership skill was mainly based on my social skills, my charisma. But I always thought that leading by charisma was dangerous, not desirable, fragile and would not work in the long term. I was quite surprised reading the theory about it stating that ity was an useful ans perfectly understandable to be a charismatic leader and that it could be used just as much as any other leadership technique and that actually it was highly desirable in certain situations (specifically transformational ones). 

Well, I must say that I`m a rational person and I believe in science and experiment, but I`m still a bit unsure. And somehow I don`t want to be sure about that because I think that by not being sure I`ll force myself to learn new skills and leadership traits while keeping the charisma, i`ll not accommodate and still keep this ability. Certainty can be a poison to evolution in any aspect and leadership is no different. 

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