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February 03, 2009

Showing appreciation for some people that deserve it…

A quick personal entry to show appreciation for 4 people that are really helping the class (or at least me) by using their blogs or feedbacks:


Our mysterious commentator. Sue you have not answered my question about who you are andhow we could find a way to make you able to write your own thoughts. If you rather discuss that by email, please write me: . Anyway, thanks for your participation and comments.


The master of the software/technical tips. Besides being a very nice fellow (and not wanting to kill me when I keep asking questions about his culture/religion...I`m glad he understood I`m just someone trying not to be so ignorant and not to have opinions without knowledge!). Not just a nice chap...

Louis (Kang):

Best blog user I know. Sometimes I disagree with some of his comments and just out of poor laziness don`t answer them. Fantastic comments and posts on everyone`s blogs. And I learned to admire people who really put effort into things the way he does. And besides that he is a Kiwi, and I so thankful with what I have, what I learned from Kiwiland...

Paul (Roberts):

I`ve studied 90% of my life. I`ve not attended some kind of formal education about 4 years in my life (being 2 of them the first two). So I met quite a lot of so called "teachers" . But two things I really admire in Paul are very hard to find around. 1st, as I said before, he walks the talk. He does what he says and believes, he is someone in which the word you can trust. Not suited for politics I guess.....2nd the quality of his work, how serious he does it, the quality of his effort. I really enjoyed his comments on my CBE PMA, I`ve found them mostly very fair and helpful and it is clear he really treated it seriously even though he read thousands of similar reports before. Fantastic example.

So, to the four of you, thanks for helping me (and some other I think) to improve.

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