January 08, 2009

Obama and (once again!) leadership

I was reading Time magazine the other day, the edition in which they elected Obama man of the year. There`s a hell lot material about him and as I was reading two contradictory feelings came to me. First I got a bit emotional, because of all the people that got so happy and so full of hope because of him. That is beautiful and specially needed in harsh and violent times like now. Second I`ve got worried because I though that his challenges are so big and people have such high hopes that frustration will probably come, and that will be something to get worried, because people frustrated in times like these can have some very unhealthy behaviours.

But them, right in the middle of the magazine there`s a interview with him.  I must say I got impressed. I was amazed about how transparent and sometimes humble but not in a artificial way he was. He was always very objective and direct. He talks about leadership, about what are his qualities as a leader and I was amazed that all he said was so similar to what we have been discussing, and what I think is important. 

Some post ago I wrote about the important of honest, transparent communication even when you have bad news and that is exaclty what he did. I was very impressed and I will use that material on my PMA.

Now I`m under the impression that even not delivering all that is expected he will still be popular and a source of hope because of those ability to communicate clearly, directly and honestly. That is real leadership, a real talented leader.

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  1. Now you know why I chose Obama in the seminar!! He is transparent, speaks really well. Good communication skill is a must.

    When I saw his victory speech I was so impressed. He made each and every citizen feel that something good will happen to them.

    He has been instilling the feeling of equality in the Unites States of America and getting everyone closer, Asians, Whites, African-American and Latinos.

    He seems like a God sent Angel!!! :)

    He is also willing to work well with his rivals. Not many leaders willingly do that. Choosing Hillary Clinton in his cabinet was a brave move for him according to me.

    13 Jan 2009, 00:46

  2. First 90 days…. is the presidential honeymoon period….G.W.Bush also had an excellent approval rating in his first few weeks as the command in chief.

    After that, the harsh cold reality will set in as people realise things are not improving…. fast enough at least… and the support will plunge

    the difference with Obama is that maybe the rate of the plunge will be slower….

    13 Jan 2009, 02:28

  3. I basically agree with you Louis….but sometimes, and only sometimes, this does not happens. Let`s hope…

    14 Jan 2009, 23:36

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