April 25, 2009

Less is more…

I love Jazz. I also love rock, classical music, Brazilian pop music, etc etc, but currently I`m in love with JAzz (again). Many years ago, when I was a musician I fell in love with it. Specially a school of jazz called Be Bop, that was very popular on the late 40`s early 50`s. Its a very fast, technical, show off kind of Jazz. And them I met Miles Davis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Davis) . He is the father of several jazz styles. One of them was called "Cool Jazz" and it was the antytheses of Be Bop. It was about few, well chosen notes on a slow introspective tempo. The moto of Cool Jazz was "Less is More". On my late teens, being a professional musician, an anxious and communicative human being, it was hard for me to understand this whole "less is more"thing. I really wanted a "more is more"kind of thing. I liked the sound, but I did not support the concept.

Why am I talking about that? Because as the PMA`s go by, I`m more and more into the "less is more"thinking. Not that I`m working less, reading less or doing less. But I`m concentrating more and more on sintetizing my thoughts, on trying to make the ideas I have more clear by puting less ideas on the PMA. I`m not necessarily talking about shorter PMA`s, because you can have the same length even with less ideas if you explain those ideas better or invest more time on having a writing style that is more pleasant to read. But the point is, I`m making an effort on improving one one my weakest spots, that is the difficulty i always had to cut things of and keep them away. I must say I got very proud at the result we achieved on that sense, when we did the KBAM presentation. I think the bit of the work I helped with (KM) was rather sintetic and straight to the point. I think our team managed to do it. But it still a challenge, and one that I`ll think I`ll take with me forever. Always remember Miles Davis saying that less, is more....

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  1. ‘less’ is from ‘more’, there are more than two sides of a story, you can not cover all but you can see from different angles. more you see, more clear you get towards gaining a holistic overview. ‘less’ is from ;more’ and ‘less’ is proof of comprehension and depth…do you think Paul will be ok with 2000 words PMA btw?lol

    25 Apr 2009, 02:54

  2. Sue

    Less is not more, less is less which some people may think is more to the point or superior in some way. I’m a great believer in writing or saying things in a concise way although sometimes I like to stray from this habit. Even though I like the minimalist approach if I give a letter that I’ve written to my partner to proof read he will invariably cross half of it out and I usually take his advice.

    You mentioned music which I also love although jazz has yet to hit the spot for me but I was thinking what would be good is if we could ask people what their favourite lines in songs are (they could have more than one go each) and, strangely, I will start with lines from a song which have gone round my head intermittently over the years but I have never had on my I-pod or on CD and I think that is because I don’t like the song that much just these two lines:-

    “And I need you more than want you
    And I want you for all time.”

    25 Apr 2009, 08:42

  3. Wow!!! cool
    u r musician???
    i think that u link very good to the KBAM

    26 Apr 2009, 10:03

  4. i agree with Li Xiao… thinking is very important but that doesn’t mean any less work required for reading, writing … Without reading enough, it’s hard to know what to “think”. Perhaps the term more illustrate the the importantace of read/write for learning, rather than read/write for the sake of reading/writing

    18 Jul 2009, 05:15

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