December 07, 2008

Leadership challenge

Last Friday we had the leadership challenge in the morning. I was very happy the Ally offered herself to lead us, that was a very nice evolution and demonstration of courage.

We did very well ending with a very high punctuation. However a small thing happened, few people noticed but our team noticed, and it was a learning experience.

When there were only1 or 2 minutes left I realised that we had to input our results in the computer. There was another team using the computer so I got quite anxious. Half of our work was finished, we had one route defined but not the other. Ally and Luis were working on it.

With about 30 seconds left I set in the computer and input my numbers. Them Paul said we had only 10 seconds. I shouted to my team and told them to bring whatever they had. Better something them nothing. They brought me their route, but in a paper, not in the template. They gave the numbers, I typd them. I guess that by that time the 10 seconds were gone. I still had to input 2 other information, if they had gone through Kyle and how many points they had. None of those information was clear and I was to make a decision in seconds. I remember perfectly what came to my mind. For the points I know we had at least 500, probably more, but I could not be sure. Since we had 700  in the other route I decided to input 1200 and be honest, no try to put more them I thought we had (even though we probably had more). Second I also decided no tu put the lighthouse, for the same reason. Being honest, if I was not sure, best assume that we did not. Of course being honest was a driver, but there was another driver that was the fact that we could have some trouble if we had any kind of testing, if we had to prove and we could not prove it (and I did not know if we could!). So I take the safe route.

Ally got quite angry with me, because she thought we were trowing points away. I understand her, but reflecting on it, if I had to make the same decision again pressured by time and not having all needed information I`d have done the same. I think I took the right decision given the conditions. My only mistake on that specific situation is that I could have made an exta effort to explain it after. But things soon got clear and this was not needed.

But that`s a good example of how hard it is to make a decision under pressure, no time, not having full information and representing a group. In the specific situation I`m glad I made the right one and I think that what helped me do it was the fact that I have built in me a set of criteria, ready to be used when facing a decision . That`s good, but has got to be treated with care because can also became a barrier to taking different an new decisions.

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  1. Sue

    You’ve no need to worry, the people I spoke of are not members of my family. My family are all non believers (in God), by the way, so I find it difficult to relate to someone from a Catholic background.

    07 Dec 2008, 21:12

  2. Well.

    I`ve been raisen on a catholic society but I`m not a catholic. I like to say that I believe God exists but he/she/it did not create us humans, it was created by us. God, in my opinion, is the most strong creation of the humans. I like to think myself, if I had to use any classification, as a humanist. But I was raisen in a catholic country so either I like or not I certainly have catholic influences on my way of thinking and in my values.

    08 Dec 2008, 17:38

  3. Sue

    “No, I don’t think we created God, in my mind he just doesn’t exist, it’s something I never think about.”

    08 Dec 2008, 22:11

  4. That discussion could, literally, go forever (or not!) :)

    08 Dec 2008, 23:24

  5. Sue

    I’d so love to have huge areas that I never think about, it’s such skill. How do you do that?

    09 Dec 2008, 07:34

  6. fishing tackle

    Belief is for the individual – no right or wrong only respect of one another.

    08 Jan 2009, 14:00

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