April 06, 2009

Knowledge Management and MBE

Yesterday I was in a bus, and I had to wait sometime until the bus left. I had a pen and I started drawing, understanding the KM process. And I was relating to the obvious, to the way we learn. And them I related to MBE, to the way MBE is conducted, planned. To the way we acquire knowledge, for example,  I though that the fact that we are stimulated to choose the way we like to do it certainly makes it easier, because we can use the time of the day we prefer and the topic we are more interested on. How could we do that on a organisational level? How could we allow an organisation to do it in its favourite style ? Them using it. It is very obvious that if we came to Warwick, if we decided to spend all this money we were already planning to use it. But how do we do that in a company? The basic answer is to make it a natural part of the regular processes that they should help, but is still a challenge.

I`m still thinking how I will do that for WaiveRiders....

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  1. Online Consultancy

    MBE is a wasted of money my friend, just try to start your own company instead.

    09 Apr 2009, 13:46

  2. MBE is not a waste of money and you should stop posting useless posts just to promote your website link.

    This is becoming more and more annoying as everyone is trying to get his site promoted by posting nonsense.

    I agree with you Francisco, it is not going to be easy if you are thinking about doing that inside an organization, but I guess you could change the culture a bit over time.

    11 Apr 2009, 03:15

  3. Abdul,

    I don`t really think he knows what is MBE. I think he confused it with a MBA. That just shows how unimportant is his comment….

    12 Apr 2009, 04:48

  4. Why not just delete it if you think he just try to promote his website. This is very annoying and happens all the time…
    I am start to think about the WaveRiders too…headache…

    14 Apr 2009, 18:01

  5. The questions you asked francisco proably has no easy answer. My guess is that once the environment and incentive is provided, all the knowledge creation, innovation etc etc will sort it self out. Then the key question is how to create that environment… and there are so many ideas from organisational learing and KM books . Interesting you mentioned about MBE, isn’t what Paul tries to do with the class about creating an environment where we can decide on what and how we want to learn? But now I reflect back on this style, a complete freedom is perhaps the best answer either, too easy to get lost in information overload… it’d be nice to have some guidance initially to stimulate our interest and thinking on a particular topic

    20 Apr 2009, 00:54

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