February 06, 2009

About brothers, wars, humans…

I was thinking about the discussion in Abdul Blog, the one about the Gaza situation. I wrote on my comments that I believe Palestinians and Jews are brothers. It sounded very religious specially from someone who is not religious like myself. But I`d like to talk a bit more about why do I think we are all brothers and I have two kinds of justifications. First a set that I classify as the "scientific" set:

- We all came from the evolved from monkeys that used to walk around in Africa-Middle East somewhere. Same origin.

- The 3 major religions (Jews, Muslims and Christians) came from the same "father"  Abraham and were born in the same region of the world.

- It is genetically proven by DNA tests that Palestines and Jews came from a same common tribe thousands of years ago.

I could put some other scentific reasons but those are enough.

The second set of reasons is a bit more philosofical and if you wish poetical. It doesn`t matter if you are talking about Hitler, Gandhy, Churchill, Jesus, Plato, Pele, James Brown, Bush, Stalin, Mao, Penelope Cruz, Bobby Moore, Madre Teresa,  Sir Edmund Hilary, Fidel Castro, Onassis, Nietzsche, Beethoven, John Lennon, Gardel, Mandela, Steven Spielberg, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X. Simon Perez, Cristiano Ronaldo all those people just like any other one of us:

-Have fear

-Have been a baby someday

-Will (or have already) die

-Had a mother

-Fell pain

-Have hopes

-Have dreams

-Loved someone

-Need to eat, to sleep

-Are able to think and to create things

-Are able to feel

I know a feel people would argue some of those points for the most extreme names I listed (Jesus and Hitler, for instance) but I believe in that, I believe we are all made of the same material, we are only a little community living on a huge and mysterious universe and mysteriously being able to question ourselves therefore there's no sense in not considering someone my brother, my own for some minor differences such as the colour of the skin, languages or beliefs. What brings us together is much much much bigger then what keeps us apart. And I hope we all will understand that some day. Its hard and I`m just as guilty as the next man for not having achieved that. But I`ll always work out trying to do my bit.

So that`s why even though I do not like everything that comes from everyone I still think we are all brothers.

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  1. Sue

    Yes it is amazing, I’ve recently been looking into my family history and one of the sites there to help you now has a service where you can send a swab of your DNA to them and they will tell you where you came from originally. I’m quite tempted to do that. It can be a very time consuming hobby and for this reason I’m trying to limit the amount of time I spend on it. The trouble is you can go off at so many different tangents and the number of names you come across keep multiplying which is fascinating but can also get a bit confusing. I’ve come to a bit of a stumbling block on my fathers mothers side.

    06 Feb 2009, 22:10

  2. It’s Charlse Darwin’s 200th anniversary lately and there is an article in the latest edition of TheEconomist dedicated to that… even though evolution has been around for fairly long period of time, it is still a very contentious idea even in the scientific community, not so much whether it is true but in the way people (things) evolve. I read a statistics somewhere that says 15% of Americans believe in evolution , up from 8% last year (don’t quote me on this), showing that there is still a large number of people out there who doesn’t believe “scientific evidence” is the whole answer.

    That aside, yes even all of us may have come from the same root, sentiment alone is not enough for cooperation or love each other. Afterall, there is the history there of fighting and killing on both sides, rubbing off that hatred and starting with a clean slate is probably extremely difficult by any standards.

    10 Feb 2009, 01:53

  3. I totally agree….we all as humans are born as brothers…then it is up to everyone of us to honor or breach this brotherhood

    17 Feb 2009, 21:33

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