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November 13, 2008

Global Business Environment – PMA – Part one

Long time no writing. Shame on me.

Well, just like everyone else busy with my PMA`s. I`ve finished the GBE one and did a bit of work on the CBE one. But I`d like to talk about two things that came out of the GBE PMA writing experience.

1st thing is processual. I think I did a nice job and even though I care about the marks that I`ll get for it I can porudly say that I did work hard for it as it was a enriching experience. However it was not an easy one. I know we were supposed to spend only 40 hours on it but I`m pretty sure that all of us spent much more then only 40 hours on it. For myself I`d say I spent almost 80 hours on it I take two conclusions out of this fact:

- We went too deep, we did much more them it was expected from us. If that`s true we should have a indication of it in the marks.

- We were too uneficient. We wasted too much time researching, writing or reviewing in a non-eficient way.

I think both reasons are right. All along the work Lila`s post "how much research is enough" kept banging in my head. Lila got the very exact point of our problems in here.  We all wanted to do a very nice job, and since the opened possibilities were too big was hard too say " now I have enough!". So I think we overworked, we committed that mistake. But in the other hand we also probably wasted a lot of time in things we could have done much quicker, in learning how to use the library, how to work, what are our best productive moments, etc etc. So, from my learning experience some things I learned that might be helpful to others:

- Read as many times as you can the question, be sure you understood it, discuss it with a colleague, and STICK TO IT!. Don`t go further.   

- Know yourself. I, for instance, work better in the end of the afternoon and late at night. So I tried to keep these moments free and work on them. The rest of the time was used to sleep, exercise, socialise...

- Look for papers, and when you find a good reference look the references in it. Sometimes you find great material in a referece referece`s (was that confusing?)

- Keep an eye on magazines and newspapers. Some of the information was very updated on my PMA because I found news that related to it on newspapers and magazines.

- Use endnote to manage your references. It`s woth it.

-It it helps you use a mind map. I like drawing, messy drawings with scattered ideas, it looks confusing to others but it helps me a lot. I go reading and making this maps...that`s hoe I organise it.

I hope that hints might help someone (because they sure helped me!)

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