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October 02, 2008

Cheating, etc

Lots of presentations talking about all the possible forms of cheating today. It makes sense, after all being a University our product, the value we really add to the world is new knowledge. Therefore if you are in some way not doing it, or pretend to been doing it or geting someone elses knowledge and treating it as yours is about the same as taking a car home if you work on a car industry, or taking money out of the vaults if you work in a bank. By the emnphasis given to that matter today it looks like this is quite an usual issue It remindes me of a situation that happened when I was finishing my economy degree, in which a good friend of mine was caught copying stuff for his final dissertation. We shared the same supervisor - great teacher, by the way - and this guy out of shame just disapeared. He ended up being allowed to try to submit something new in 6 months time, did it properly, graduated and as far as I know is doing well.

Anyway, I`ve got two complaints about this discussion today. It is a very important matter, no doubt about that but we had to go through that discussion at least 3 times in the day. The second is that I got a bit annoyed by the tone of one of the lecturers. Was a very well fundamented presentation about a very important matter, but in some moments I think it was a bit harsh, it felt a bit like we were all guilty until proven innocent when it should be the other way around. But thats my only complaint, and a very litlle one too, about the program so far. I`m really  impressed and proud. All the lectures were very inteligent, professional people who had really done they work before coming to talk to us.

That`s a bit of what I`ve learned today.


I`ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time. But for several reasons (being laziness, ego, not having anything I found interesting enough, lack of discipline the principal ones!) I never even tried to do so. But here I am. It took me a academic commitmentto do so. Quite a shame. But anyway here is my blog. And for those of you reading there are some rules I`ll stick to (event though I can change them later, and I`ll write if I do so):

1st I`ll try to write as correctly as I can grammar and spelling wise, however I will not let it interfere with the amount and the flow of my thoughts. Correctness, yes, but as long as it does not spoil the fluency and quantity of my thoughts (yes, I mean quantity because I`ll try to put as many of them here as I can)

2nd I`ll eventually (I think!) put some entries about non-academic or professional things. Things like record, book, movies impressions. When I do so, I might write in Portuguese, specially if I think that the thought would just make sense for my Brazilian friends or family. The 1st rule still applies though.

3rd When you read this blog (if anyone is doing so!) bear in mind I`ve been writing it thinking in 3 groups of people; Myself, as a reminder of my learning experience as well as an exercise in discipline. My colleagues from the MBE master program as a form of knowledge exchange, and my friends/colleagues in Brazil who helped me, from whom I learned so much in my professional career because perhaps they can find any use on it. So if, by any chance you don`t belong to any one of those 3 groups, please remember that.

Well that`s enough for now. Enjoy it (if you can!)

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