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August 25, 2006

Shingles …. the revenge

Follow-up to Infection saga … the end from Vince's Blog of Rubbish

The past few days I've started to develop early symptoms of shingles again :(

This time, it's starting to affect the right side of my face….

… Noooooooooooooooooooo …. back to the doctor, and NHS's stupid appointment booking system…

February 24, 2006

Infection saga … the end

Follow-up to INFECTION :'( from Vince's Blog of Rubbish

All the blisters have finally crumbled off. Red patches and open wounds left over.
Still particularly painful opening my eye at times, but antiseptic cream seems to be healing the open wounds pretty well. This was probably one of the most pain-enduring weeks I've ever had. Hopefully I'll be back to normal next week.

The question still lingers on why I contracted shingles in the first place (I certainly don't remember a record of chickenpox …).

Which comes to my "Things that annoy me" #3 …

… when I see people finishing their business in the toilet, and not washing their hands …

February 21, 2006

Infection saga … part 3

Follow-up to INFECTION :'( from Vince's Blog of Rubbish

Last night, as usual… I woke up after 4 hours after experiencing pain. Slept ok, but still rough.

Today, it's been from a stingy feeling to an unpleasant burning sensation around the eye. Still messy around the eye, but clearing up slowly.

My head feels really sensitive, and my swollen glands are ridiculously sensitive. Another 8 tablets, 8 eye ointment applications and regular 4 hour doses of pain killers done for today, and god knows how many times I've washed my hands (I ain't taking any chances…).

February 20, 2006

Infection saga … part 2

Follow-up to INFECTION :'( from Vince's Blog of Rubbish


It seems that the eye ointment is taking some effect. Blinking with my left eye doesn't seem as painful as Saturday now, and some of the blisters outside my eyelid are drying up.
One thing that is worrying me tho, is that I've noticed a few faint red spots developing just outside the main affected area. Is the infection really growing? :( I've got about 2 small blisters around the bridge of my nose and about a cm away from my right eye… I'm sooooo not hoping I'll end up with twice the pain :-(

I really cant wait to give my face a proper clean once this infection is over. Seeing all this gunky crap around my left eye is just so disturbing.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the support from my friends who have been contacting me on MSN. I'm gonna get though this … it's really sucky being house-bound with practically nothing to do but moan on my blog :-/

Now … will I be able to get any sleep tonight? I'll be lucky if I can get 4 hours without waking up grieving in pain…

February 19, 2006


Writing about web page

The past few days have been nasty. Starting from Monday, where a little red spot above my eyelid was just a pimple.
Next few days, I realised that it wasn't disappearing, and a few more came along by Wednesday, so I went to my GP from which I was given a tube of Fucidin …. this didn't help …
Thursday, feeling a bit worse, took another day off work.
Friday, felt the same …. I wouldn't expect an instant cure in 2 days.
Saturday … AGONY …. my eyelid was unmovable, I nearly jumped out of my skin looking in the mirror and the pain was so immense. I got rushed to A&E by my dad…

Following a few days of torturous pain, sleepless nights and days off work. Yesterday I was just diagnosed with "Shingles" around my left eye from South Warwickshire Hospital. Transferred to the eye clinic in Coventry Hospital, and took back home a heap of prescriptions.

Current prescriptions:

  • 4.5g Zovirax Eye Ointment (5x daily)
  • 4g Chloromycetin Ophthalmic 1% Ointment (3x daily)
  • 800mg Aciclovir AntiViral Tablets (5x daily)
  • 50mg Diclofenac Tablets (3x daily)

Now …

It's 6:40am on a cold sunday morning… the pain that subsided about 5 hours ago has come back. Still feeling restless. My left eye is irritable, but at least I can still open it without too much of that 'glued-in' feeling. I wish I could clean up the crap around my left eye, but that would spread the infection even further. My glands are also heavily swollen.

My room has practically turned into a hospital bed overnight, with medication all over the place.

Although I've noticed a significant improvement ever since taking the medication (after waiting over 2 hours in the waiting room, in agonising pain). Anyway… another application of zovirax eye ointment goes into my left eye (such a pain in the ass to apply), and a dose of pain killers. I want some sleep ….

I have to stay off work for a week minimum. I have to stay house-bound, drowning myself in eye ointment and tablets. I'm NOT happy :'(

Oh, and I'm rather reluctant to posting a photo of my eye on here, just in case I horribly disturb anyone reading my blog.

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