February 05, 2006

Road rant 2

I generally do not have a problem with cyclists on the road. The following rant applies to a very small minority, and that suicidal chav whom I nearly collided with just outside Leamington

(.... yes, he's a chav, baseball cap, OTT jewelery, brand name sports wear, and he even has his tracksuit bottoms tucked into his adidas socks. Okay, I'm just very observant…).

Rule #1
You're still a road user just like all other vehicles on the road. The highway code doesn't explicitly apply to motor vehicles. If you approach a give way marker …. GIVE WAY.

Rule #2
If you fail to give way, and end up zooming so fast around the corner directly in front of a car travelling on a 40 mph road, consider yourself lucky if you're still on your bike, and expect a loud horn coming up your rear.

Rule #3
Do not …. and I repeat… DO NOT stick your middle finger or some profane gesture in retaliation. The simple message is "BECAREFUL YOU FOOL!" … it's YOUR fault … learn from it and don't do it again.

Rule #4
Do not continue to stare at the driver behind you, who spared your life and waving your middle finger for a further duration of 5 seconds. Particularly when you're approaching a red light at a cross junction.

Now, if for some ridiculous reason you broke ALL of the rules above, the following outcomes may proceed to happen:

Outcome #1
The driver may sooo willingly be happy to run you over.

Outcome #2
Approaching the cross junction, and another vehicle from the side might run you over, or they'll slam on the brakes and beep their horn loudly at you. You will break Rules #1 and #2 again, and potentially #3 and #4 if you're still mentally retarded.

Outcome #3
You avoided a near-death traffic accident.

In my particular scenario, the outcome was #3 …

November 24, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.xanga.com/Vince1982

Hmmm, for those interested (... umm who would be? :P). I've actually been blogging on this particular website.

Oh, and I got my ass kicked in the Tekken Tag Tourny last Sunday. Props to Jim (DanceDanceIkuruga) for winning a nice box of Minature Heroes.

I also had my hair tied into a flower with a pink hair tie by a girl in the CompSoc that same weekend … very charming … LMAO

October 25, 2005

CompSoc Console Tournament Results

Writing about web page http://consoles.uwcs.co.uk

The results of the console tournaments held last weekend 21–23rd October in LIB1.

TEKKEN 5 Entrants

Rakurai, Bob, Ashley Tsen, Bucko, Zayn Jaffer (Sadiq's bro), Ultimate, Amoyra, Abelian.

Double Elimination Results:

1st: Bob (Heihachi, Lee, Paul)
2nd: Ashley Tsen (Bryan, Steve)
3rd: Rakurai (Asuka, Feng, Jin)
4th: Amoyra (Lei)


Rakurai, Khoi, Sadiq, Wiz, AJMiles, Zayn Jaffer, Harin, Ifeki.

Single Elimination Results:

1st: Khoi (Juventus)
2nd: Ifeki (Brazil)
3rd: Wiz (England)
4th: AJMiles (Brazil)

Excellent tournament guys! :-)

In the next CompSoc Console session, due to popular demand there will be tournaments for Pro Evolution Soccer 5. The decision whether to run a Street Fighter tournament (Hyper Street Fighter or SF3: 3rd Strike), Tekken Tag Tournament or both is still uncertain, although people have been favouring SF3: 3rd Strike.

Shout outs also go to James for dropping by and making a last minute Tekken challenge, and to Rachel for making us laugh so hard with the EyeToy :-)

October 06, 2005

Console tourny games announced

It's a bit sudden, and not quite confirmed yet, but the first console session will take place alongside the upcoming LAN party in Week 4, in LIB1.

Details are still a bit sketchy on how to run the 3-day event (yep…. 3 days o_O), but so far I can confirm that Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is amongst the list of selected games to be run as a tournament.

There's also a very strong chance that there may be someone coming from the UK Tekken community to support the Tekken 5 tournament.

However, 1 more game is needed, it would have to be a public vote, and preferably needs to be from the list of games stated in the posters.

October 05, 2005

Button mashing sesh 1

Writing about web page http://www.warwickcompsoc.co.uk/gaming/sessions/

First gaming session with the Computing Society was interesting. Despite lacking a monitor/TV to hook up a PS2, I ended up using an arcade emulator and a few tournament videos as a temporary measure to put on some games on display, until someone is generous enough to bring a monitor in.

… okay, so everyone button mashed, and perhaps ended up using the joystick upside down, but still was a good laugh.

Some chinese dude called Lei dropped by and gave us a brucking-up exhibition on King of Fighters '97, and ended on a positive note with some intense games on Street Fighter II Turbo.

"Big Balls FTW!!!!!!!!!!"

… hmmm… has Bucko seen the light, to join the fighters bandwagon? to be continued …

September 30, 2005

Maximum pwnage

Finished the basic tuning on my car, now it's at 600HP, and I still can't beat the final opponent in the Super-A Class category :-S

September 24, 2005


Played a bit of DDR with bucko and emily in the union. I pick Dynamite Rave (Long) on Maniac level …

100 combo (... hmm, looking good)
200 combo (... woo, I'm on a roll :) )
300 combo (... damn, I've not missed anything yet?)
400 combo (... I'm getting nervous now)
500 combo (... must….. keep… focused…)
600 combo (... holy jesus! I can do this…. I CAN DO IT!!!!)

638 combo … gets 1 good …... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

yep…. with only 5 steps to go, on a song lasting over 2 minutes 30 … I stoooopidly mistimed a step, and lost my chance to max combo the entire song :'(

Brucked… :(

Went back to Leamington Spa Ten Pin for a bit of Maximum Tune 2. By this time, I have already upped my Suburu Impreza to 500 Horse Power (HP). Some dude casually gets on the other side and gives me a challenge….

Cool… this should be fun …

… o_O!!!!!!

… 810HP ….

… didn't stand a chance :(

September 21, 2005

Hmmm… console tourny?

Writing about web page http://www.warwickcompsoc.co.uk

According to Laurence from the Warwick CompSoc, there may be a trial run for running a console tourny around week 7 or 8 of term. If it proves popular, there may be plans for running further tournies later in the academic year.

Question is, what game(s) to pick. I only have a PS2 … and a selection of VS fighting games. The game selection would determine how many people would sign up. Opinions?

  • Tekken 5 (Japanese Tournament videos)
  • Hyper Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Tournament videos)
    Play this game!!!
  • Soul Calibur 2 (or perhaps Soul Calibur 3 when it gets released soon).
  • Tekken Tag Tournament

    I had plans on running a free play ps2 at the societies fayre, but from what I was told… CompSoc will be getting tables as big as a large stool :(

Side Note: I bought a cheap VGA splitter the other day. How does 2 monitors back-to-back, 1 player per side sound? :D~~

September 09, 2005

New Arcade Games – Megabowl (L.Spa)

I just so happened to drive to Megabowl to find that the interior has completely been revamped (they've also removed the wimpy bar. Personally their burgers sucked anyway). Now the arcade section has tons of room, and with a fresh new selection of games. But I was rather stoned to find the following rare titles (well, rare in the west midlands):

TEKKEN 5 50p/credit, £3/card
Fuck! You won't find this game in many places. Joysticks are still the same naff american bat-styles, but 50p/credit is quite generous. Now only if they didn't charge so much for the data cards (these allow you to customize a single character with new costumes/accessories/colours, keeps your win/loss ratio and player rank).

WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM TUNE 2 £1/credit, add +£1 for card.
This is not just another racer. This is a head-to-head racing game with some really impressive graphics, LOUD trance music (awesome!) and car customisation (you need to buy a card for this). A little expensive playing alone however, since your credit only lasts 1 race. But the cool feature here, just like fighting games, an opponent can insert a credit into the machine and challenge you on the spot for a racing duel o_O;

Oh, and here's my data card :-)
Personalised and everything. Gets updated accordingly by the card reader.

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