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September 30, 2005

Maximum pwnage

Finished the basic tuning on my car, now it's at 600HP, and I still can't beat the final opponent in the Super-A Class category :-S

September 24, 2005


Played a bit of DDR with bucko and emily in the union. I pick Dynamite Rave (Long) on Maniac level …

100 combo (... hmm, looking good)
200 combo (... woo, I'm on a roll :) )
300 combo (... damn, I've not missed anything yet?)
400 combo (... I'm getting nervous now)
500 combo (... must….. keep… focused…)
600 combo (... holy jesus! I can do this…. I CAN DO IT!!!!)

638 combo … gets 1 good …... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

yep…. with only 5 steps to go, on a song lasting over 2 minutes 30 … I stoooopidly mistimed a step, and lost my chance to max combo the entire song :'(

Brucked… :(

Went back to Leamington Spa Ten Pin for a bit of Maximum Tune 2. By this time, I have already upped my Suburu Impreza to 500 Horse Power (HP). Some dude casually gets on the other side and gives me a challenge….

Cool… this should be fun …

… o_O!!!!!!

… 810HP ….

… didn't stand a chance :(

September 21, 2005

Hmmm… console tourny?

Writing about web page

According to Laurence from the Warwick CompSoc, there may be a trial run for running a console tourny around week 7 or 8 of term. If it proves popular, there may be plans for running further tournies later in the academic year.

Question is, what game(s) to pick. I only have a PS2 … and a selection of VS fighting games. The game selection would determine how many people would sign up. Opinions?

  • Tekken 5 (Japanese Tournament videos)
  • Hyper Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Tournament videos)
    Play this game!!!
  • Soul Calibur 2 (or perhaps Soul Calibur 3 when it gets released soon).
  • Tekken Tag Tournament

    I had plans on running a free play ps2 at the societies fayre, but from what I was told… CompSoc will be getting tables as big as a large stool :(

Side Note: I bought a cheap VGA splitter the other day. How does 2 monitors back-to-back, 1 player per side sound? :D~~

September 09, 2005

New Arcade Games – Megabowl (L.Spa)

I just so happened to drive to Megabowl to find that the interior has completely been revamped (they've also removed the wimpy bar. Personally their burgers sucked anyway). Now the arcade section has tons of room, and with a fresh new selection of games. But I was rather stoned to find the following rare titles (well, rare in the west midlands):

TEKKEN 5 50p/credit, £3/card
Fuck! You won't find this game in many places. Joysticks are still the same naff american bat-styles, but 50p/credit is quite generous. Now only if they didn't charge so much for the data cards (these allow you to customize a single character with new costumes/accessories/colours, keeps your win/loss ratio and player rank).

WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM TUNE 2 £1/credit, add +£1 for card.
This is not just another racer. This is a head-to-head racing game with some really impressive graphics, LOUD trance music (awesome!) and car customisation (you need to buy a card for this). A little expensive playing alone however, since your credit only lasts 1 race. But the cool feature here, just like fighting games, an opponent can insert a credit into the machine and challenge you on the spot for a racing duel o_O;

Oh, and here's my data card :-)
Personalised and everything. Gets updated accordingly by the card reader.

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