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June 24, 2005

Ow ow ow …. owwwwwww >_<

Writing about web page

Last night, Bucko's metal dance platform has officially passed the MAX300 Expert test.

This morning, I have an intense streak of muscle pain at the back of both legs >_<

…. and I'm also soaked head to toe from the raging thunder storms :(

June 23, 2005

Note to self….

As a complete DDR wacko, never play on the DDR 5th Mix machine in the blistering heat, in a pair of jeans…

Random 'thing' #3

So far this week, ever since I found out about the 5-day LAN party held by the Warwick Computing Society:

Tuesday – Went home at 12am…. slept at 1:30am
Wednesday – Went home at 1am … slept at 2:30am

… and I'm also forced to wake up 7:30am every morning >___<

Even though my efforts in finding people interested in fighting games were futile, at least I wasn't too far off finding some DDR nutters :D

Stepmania + Projection Screen + Home Metal Dance Platform = w00000t!

(Rather suprised me that bucko's platform could take the wrath of Drop Out 260 Expert and remain in one piece…)

June 14, 2005

Errr… ok it's my turn

Writing about Jumping on the current bandwagon…. from Et tu, Bloge.

Rah… so I jumped on too…

Ten random things about me

1) I was sent to hospital during uni when some drunkard accidentally knocked me out instead of someone else.
2) I get regular nose bleeds.
3) I go to sleep between 12–2am every night.
4) I won a 3rd place sparring trophy in a Tang Soo Do tournament because my opponent got DQ'd for knocking me out cold.
5) I have a rating of 26 on ebay.
6) I'm 5'3" tall :(
7) My highest phone bill was about £500 when I got addicted to doom and quake.
8) I'm a black belt in Tang Soo Do.
9) I've never been laid.
10) I have one less wisdom tooth.

Nine Things that piss me off

1) Forcing me to repeat myself using idiots-english ™
2) Cutting in sharply at 70mph forcing me to hit the brakes hard to avoid an accident.
3) Job application rejects
4) England
5) Teenage girls hogging the DDR machines for 4 hours picking the 5678 over and over.
6) People who assume that I have no life when I do MAX300 on DDR.
7) Not saying 'thank you'
8) People who can't tell the difference between 'there', 'their' and 'they're'
9) Junk mail

Eight things I would really want right now

1) A creative job
2) To learn japanese
3) A girlfriend :'(
4) A large TV
5) A better PC
6) A holiday
7) A stronger body
8) Anything better than a Nokia 5510 _

Seven stupid things I did recently

1) I turned a 10 minute drive into a 2 hour nightmare cos I took a wrong turn.
2) I dented my first car on the day I bought it.
3) Paid £9 just for a simple hair trim job.
4) Drove on the M6 during 5pm.
5) Burned myself with a soldering iron.
6) Bought a set of wheel trims that didn't even fit my car wheels.
7) Arrived late for work cos my depleted mobile phone was my supposed to be my alarm clock.

Six of my best habits

1) Washing my hands after a toilet job.
2) Always indicating when turning off roundabouts.
3) Making up to 3 backup copies of my crucial uni work.
4) Printing and handing completed assignments at least 2 days before a deadline.
5) Saying 'Bless you' when someone sneezes.
6) Holding a door open if someone is following me.

Five of my bad habits

1) Being too negative
2) Driving with one hand
3) Overusing the terms 'blatant' and 'looooooooooooooool'
4) Playing games when I should be studying/revising.
5) Waking up at 12pm on weekends.

Four things I use everyday

1) My car
2) My computer
3) PS2
4) Weights

Three things I would give to a girl

1) Love
2) Commitment
3) Pleasure ^^

Two people I hate in the world

1) Tony Blair
2) Osama Bin Laden

One thing I'd rather be doing

1) Sleeping

June 09, 2005

Bleh, I got bored

… so I decided to give my supergun stick a new look, with the help of a cheap adhesive laminate pouch.

June 04, 2005

M$ SideWinder pad meets the soldering iron

Follow-up to A soldering iron is fun from Vince's Blog of Rubbish

The design of these Sidewinder gamepads are just notorious, and worst yet, they feel so stiff. But that's not important, … for just £3 brand new off ebay, and now it's a PC interface for my arcade stick :D

(piccies of pad torture are in the 'Mini-projects' galltery)

June 01, 2005

Baked Potato and Tuna Mayo


rushes to the toilet

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