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May 20, 2007

Namco Station – Tamworth

With the unfortunate closure of Nottingham Namco (which actually had a really decent selection of games, including Ez2dancer and Street Fighter Alpha 3), I decided to investigate what Tamworth Namco station had to offer. It surprised me that it was only a 30 minute drive from Warwick.

Games? Hmmm, to be honest, I was hoping to expect a reasonably sized Arcade complex with the title ‘Namco station’, and to be honest, even Leamington Spa TenPin has a larger selection of games… nethertheless, here are the ones that stood out:

Dancing Stage Eurotrash 2 (ahem, Euromix 2)
Yeah, I’m fed up of seeing this version everywhere… and yes, Steps 5678 and Stomp get reeeeeeeeeally tedious to hear every 20 minutes.
The handle bars are very insecure too.

Price: £1/credit

Time Crisis 4
Nice large DX cabinets, pretty good condition.

Price: £1/credit

Aliens: Extermination
Price: £1/credit

Basket Ball Hoops _
Price: (didn’t check)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2
HOLY S**T! ... Yeah, this is the second machine I’ve seen in the West Midlands… it’s not 2-player… but a 4-player cabinet. Being the only racer in the Arcade, this game gets played A LOT. I’m guessing, because it’s possible for anyone to intrude an existing race (like a 2 or 3 player game) and join in, removing complications of starting multiplayer games (unless of course, they select the “Refuse VS” option).

Oh, and whoever comes first in a race gets to stay on the machine. So I found myself playing this game for very long periods, on a single credit , and even managed to get a rank up on my card :D

(below, some random 4-player clip of the game from youtube)

Price: £1/credit – £1/data card

It disappoints me to see places like Leamington Spa TenPin utilizing so much space for really rubbish, unrealistic and UNPLAYED racing games (like Ford ‘Extreme’ Racing, and Fast and Furious). Personally I would like to see another Maximum Tune 2 cabinet where the Ford racing game is, and hook the existing one for a 4-player setup. Now that would bring in the profits…

May 18, 2007

Things that piss me off #4

Normally, I don’t mind compliments … unless you put it into a context like this:

Vince jumps off the DDR machine after doing Max300 on Expert Doubles

Dude 1: “Oi yah…. yah got teh game at home?”

Vince: “Nah, I only play in the Arcade”

Dude 1: “Rahhhhh…. how cum ur so good at eeeet?!? Do ya play dis every day or sumthing?”

Vince: “No … ? ¬_¬” (really I don’t .... )

Dude 2: “Nahh man, you can only practice at home innit?”

Vince: ” .......... ¬_¬* “

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