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March 31, 2006

3rd Strike Germany SBO Qualifier UK Video

Writing about web page

This is my latest video project. (20 mins, 80MB download, DivX codec required).

I entered the SBO Qualifier 3 on 3 team tournament for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, travelling with the top UK street fighter players (including that WTF beast, Ryan Hart) from Ranking Battles UK
This video is basically a diary of the trip, from airport pranks, to tournament drama, to kebab shop action (most of the footage taken through a Motorola V3i phone :P)

My Team (Team UGLY) secured 3rd place out of 10 teams (1 x France, 2 x UK, 1 x Austria, 6 x Germany).

Wahay! ….. but only the winning team gets the prize of 800 Euros plus the qualification to play in SBO in Japan :-(

March 03, 2006

10mbit Speed Tests …

Follow-up to Warning: NTL 10mbit … not all you think … from Vince's Blog of Rubbish speed test result on 2006–03-03 13:34:29 EST:
753 / 489
Your download speed : 753 kbps or 94.1 KB/sec.
That is 66.6% worse than avg. other reports from
Your upload speed : 489 kbps or 61.1 KB/sec.
That is 95.6% better than avg. other reports from

your current bandwidth reading is… 310.30kbps This means you can download at 38.79 KB/sec. from our ntl:hell server.

Starting speed test…
Do not use your connection until the test has finished.
Analysing your connection…
Testing downstream speed…
Downloaded 1572864 bytes in 8891ms (1382 kbps)
Testing upstream speed…
Uploaded 153333 bytes in 2470ms (484 kbps)

… All this for ONLY 34.99 A MONTH!

…... Do you still want to join NTL? …. hmmmmmm

March 01, 2006

Warning: NTL 10mbit … not all you think …

Writing about web page

Click on the above link.

If you are now on our new 10Mb service, and get your Broadband via a Samsung Set-top Box, you may be interested in upgrading your set-top box, in order to achieve the highest speeds possible on your service. However, before you decide to upgrade, you should be aware of the following information. Our Samsung set-top boxes will reach speeds of up to 5Mb in ideal conditions,

Yep …. it's really 5Mbit… if you want 10Mbit, it's a £50 fee for the upgrade… This also applies if you've have that old black Terayon cable modem.

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