October 14, 2011

Incorrect corrections for a confused 'to be' post graduate (Hopefully)

As if, it was not enough for god, who I also prefer to call 'The invisible man in the sky' (and he shall be referred as such in the rest of this article) to drain out all the sun which we were made to soak forcefully while living in a tropical country, that he went on and made us think that why did humans ever learn how to READ and WRITE and on top of that he did not take long to do that.

If not anything else I have learnt how to control myself from raising a middle figure from time to time at these jumbled scribbling in black on white. The thoughts are of confusion and frustration still they make a fabulous experience of learning(Sarcastic). Not even once in my life I had ever thought that my frustrated mind will indulge in this activity of controlling my mouth from expressing itself, yet it has happened due to this fabulous experience. I guess it is because of the fact that there is no scope for complaints from a person, who made a conscious decision of not sticking by what he learnt from the great teachings by pink floyd in their famous piece of work called 'Another brick in the wall'.

For crying out loud the hope has not yet died to grab this medallion if we survive this incredible experience(Sarcastic again) and yet somehow I will be shy of calling it an incredible feat. The reason is simple we are not the guinea pigs being experimented on here, its totally the fault of those who survived this experiment before us and are driving in their convertible where the wind just slips off their bald heads. Oh I hate them for creating a good name for themselves by participating in this experiment of creating a better mouse trap and getting out of it in a year just to end up being satisfied, bald, fat and rich.

Its my incredibly stupiddecision to keep my goggles on for a while. The one which make the road to the destination disappear. I will wonder around, go back and forth and touch as many milestones around this invisible path because I believe in this journey 'the invisible man in the sky' has made his point clear. The experience is about touching as many milestones as I can, rest assured he will make these goggles disapper when the time is right and I am not a wonderer but a guide who knows where he was.

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