May 12, 2005


Writing about Last night at the Union (dumdumdum)...ruckus at the bus stop!!! from Daniel's blog

as my friend is telling you on his blog i just couldnt believe it when i heard it.
so read his little report first and then you will understand my comments.

how in the world can something like that happen???

and how unprofessional can warwick security be???
I am extremely disappointed!

at least the police was of assistance and the guys responsible for our friends severe injuries will hopefully be held responsible for their offence.


May 09, 2005

spice up your life

Still trying to revise for my exams.
Hoping to see some sunlight on the darkened sky.

But in case you want to "spice up" your boring revision time, take a look at this.

Hot, isn't it! ;-)


May 03, 2005

I saw red

So it was last Friday that I really saw red.
Not because my essays that I handed in that week turned out rather bad (which I don't know yet but might apply) but because we celebrated the end of that horrible period with a party and the motto "red".

See some pics from that event in my galleries.

So since yesterday I'm in revision mode and hope that it's not too late to cope with the mountains of material for my six exams beginning in not quite three weeks.

But I guess I'm not the only one (most definitely not) so I stop complaining.
At least today we're back to good English weather (rain). Makes it a little easier.

Good luck

April 23, 2005

muffin tree

well…just in case you didn't know it before:

"Never talk to Muffin Trees!"

Check here to see that it is not my essays and exams that let me go crazy.


April 17, 2005


hey people!

look outside!
Beautiful weather today!!! The sun is shining and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy this magnificent Sunday!
But wait…..what is that pain in the back of my head???
…it's not a pain…it's more a hammering….
…it's….ooohhhhhh noooooo…'s my essays and exams telling me to sit at my desk in a darkened room and …work…work…work…..

No that I shared my feelings with you…I have to get back to my desk. Otherwise my headache won't get better!

Oh, one more question:
Is it allowed that you write three exams on one day?
Because that's whats happening to me!!!
I'm really pissed off!


April 02, 2005

April's fool

heya guys!

so somehow we managed to survive April 1st.
And I'm sure you played some pretty awesome tricks on people who maybe didn't see the funny side of it ;-)

April 1st also had its impact on the internet. Check out my favourites on the net:

1. GoogleGulp
2. Yagoohoogle
3. UN wants to shut down the internet
4. Britannica taking over Wikipedia
5. Ban on right hand drive cars

Hope you have a good laugh!
Enjoy the good weather and have a nice weekend!


March 23, 2005

back to work

hey people!

just a short update!
have been working since almost two weeks now with E.ON UK as an intern.
thats an energy company before you ask (you might still know them as Powergen).
its quite interesting. really!
but as you can guess my essays are suffering.

tomorrow im leaving for ireland!!!


see ya

March 03, 2005

I know, I know….

…..I really know what you are going to say now:
"Why can't you just write a lil' more regularly!".

And of course you're right!

So, I finally wrote the exam in Germany I was complaining about all the time.
And it went alright I think.

So here I am back in England since one week and already work has its tight grip on me again. Just handed in one essay on Monday and the last one is due next Friday. So again I spent my nights in the library instead of partying as I should do.

The social life has suffered since literally everybody is preparing for some kind of exam or writing some stupid essays. But being Erasmus students we managed to squeeze in a nice little (?) party at Nico's place.
The motto was "Peace and Love" and there were some really wicked costumes to be seen.
Check out the pics for some impressions.

Would love to see comments.
Have fun whatever you're doing at the mo!

February 15, 2005

Guten Tag!

hey guys,

a quick hello from beautiful Germany!
I'm here for the week to write an exam so don't call it a holiday!
It's been snowing for the last couple of days. Check it out here and here .

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day.
And for those of you who have always been sceptical about Feb 14th, here is why .

Gruesse auf die Insel

February 07, 2005

smoking head

hey guys,

this will be very short.
essentially because there is not very much to report.
I'm still studying for my exam in Germany in two weeks and writing that !@X"?# essay at the same time.

So if you want to express your sympathy, comments are welcome ;-)

If you need a break from studying, just have a look at how a greeting card is made


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