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October 31, 2004



Yes, it's true!
Once again it is time to celebrate the evil forces of darkness which surface once a year and take possession of people's minds (at least in English speaking countries).
And yesterday a lot of Warwick University zombies gathered at the local students union to indulge in their nasty business.

And it was fun!
The Halloween party has been the best on campus so far.
And after having been here for five weeks, that's a statement!

Music was good, crowd was in a fantastic mood and we danced our arses off!
I don't have to talk about the English beer, do I? ;)

I didn' take my camera so there won't be any pictures.

Let me know if you had any explicit Halloween adventures.

October 30, 2004

Good things come to those who wait.

As you can guess from my topic it finally happened….........
My laptop arrived yesterday having been somewhere in Scotland in some IBM Repair Centre for one long month.

This means that I can write a little more regular in this blog….maybe!

So what happened recently?
Not very much to be true. I have been working on various marketing projects this week which consumed most of my time.
And I am preparing a future scenario for the mobile communications company Orange which is quite difficult since telcom is a fast changing area.

Last night we stayed at a French's guy house and had a little international party. Was quite nice except of course: the beer was still English! ;-)

Put some pictures up on this blog so you can get a better idea of what's happening in buff town Coventry.


October 18, 2004

lil' late

sorry for not having written in such a long time.
it's just that my laptop has not been returned from the repair guys. this only leaves me using the uni computers.

I promise to to do better once I have internet access in my house and thus more time to tell you about the "wicked" (one of my favourite english words so far) life here in Coventry.

so what happened recently?
I have done a couple of rowing sessions and liked it very much. Although I had to get up at 6.00 am (!) on a Saturday morning.

But I should be compensated for that later on.
Because around noon my two old buddies Joerg (from Leicester) and Frank (from Bristol) arrived. The three of us went to the 2nd league football match Coventry vs. Leicester together with my housemate Serena. Although it was a crappy match I added quite a few swear words to my repertoire because we were sitting in the middle of the Coventry City hardcore fans who shouted "..who the fuck is Leicester.." or " fat bastard…"(in reference to the Leicester goalie).

The further development of the evening should be pretty clear to those of you who know me/us.
We went to a pub and then got enormous amounts of spicy food from the Indian take away in my street. hmmmm…....

But the unchallenged highlight was a simple German drinking game known by the mysterious name of "Maexchen".
Of course we had to introduce our foreign friends to that German tradition.

I don't have to say any more than:
1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle of gin
27 cans of beer

so as you can see I had a great weekend.
pictures to follow soon!!!! :-)


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