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April 10, 2006

The episode of the thumb: Part 2 – whatever will Mr Bear do next?

Follow-up to The episode of the thumb: Part 1 – it all began when… from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

Mr Bear has been on the phone for a while. He has phoned for the emergency doctor, but there was no luck there; so he phoned the NHS nurses:


They told him that Mr Snowman needs to wash out his thumb then go to A&E. So Mr Snowman washes out his thumb under the tap:

washing snow

Meanwhile, Mr Bear attempts to get hold of Miss Cranberry so that she can drive them to A&E.

hypo bear

Oh no! Mr Bear! Mr Bear is having an hypoglycemic attack! What a time to have one!
Will Mr Snowman get to A&E in time to save his thumb? Will Mr Bear be ok?

To Be Continued

March 31, 2006

The episode of the thumb: Part 1 – it all began when…

Mr Bear asleep
"Mr Bear! I need some help!"
Mr bear wakes up with a start, whatever could that have been? Mr Bear realises that it was his housemate Mr Snowman
Mr Bear gets up and goes downstairs to see what is wrong.
"What has happened?" asked Mr Bear.
"I was making a hole in my belt with my penknife and I slipped." explained Mr Snowman.

The thumb

Oh dear! Poor Mr Snowman, whatever will Mr Bear do? This really is a misadventure for Mr Bear and Mr Snowman.

To Be Continued...

March 22, 2006

The Victorian Era

Mr Bear has found an old photo album
photo album

Who is this girl?
gir window

Here she is again
gir door

Mr Bear wonders who she could be. Maybe this gives Mr Bear a clue:

It would seem that she is the girlfriend of one of Mr Bears' ancestors! Looking from their clothes, it must be Mr Bears' great great grandad, so they're Victorian!

January 02, 2006

A reminder from Mr Bear

Follow-up to The competition you've all been waiting for! from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

Mr Bear would like to remind you all of the amazing competition being run at the moment.

Create your very own Mr Bear entry, in any style you want, script, photos of your bears, photos of your friends dressed as bears, stick men with names written over the top, amazing watrecolour, oils, computer graphics – whatever you want.

There is an amazing prize for the winner and of course you'll have great fun making it.

There is no set deadline as yet – it'll depend on Mr Bears' work load, but expect it to be sometime in the next 5 weeks.

Good luck!

January 01, 2006

Mr Bear Brings in the New Year in Style

Mr Bear decided to stay in for New Years – not for him the smokey, crowded pub and the exsessive drinks prices. And while it was quite a quiet evening in, it Mr Bear celebrated the coming of th New Year in the best way he knew how – starting the night with vodka:

then moving on to something a bit more classy – wine!

We rejoin Mr Bear after 12 has struck – he was so excited that he didn't stand still long enough for a photo – but look at this: there's a whole bottle of Southern Comfort there! Is that a bottle of sparkly I see in the back too? and Martini?

I don't think that was too wise of Mr Bear – look how much he drunk!

Oh Mr Bear you do know how to celebrate in style.

Mr Bear would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year.

December 30, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

(Mr Bear apologies for the lateness of this entry, but he's not been near the internet)

Mr Bears' friends have been getting his home ready for Christmas as a surprise when he gets home.

Mr Rabbit has decorated the window:

Mr Stripes has decorated the piano:

Miss Pig has decorated the mantelpiece over the fireplace:

and Mr Donkey and Mr Owl have decorated the tree:

They've even wrapped up all his presents!

Do you think Mr Bear will like it all?

December 18, 2005

Mr Bear would like to wish you a Merry Christmas

Have a good Christmas everyone!

December 15, 2005

That sly old bear

Mr Bear has decided to make a Christmas present for his girlfriend – how nice is that?
I wonder what he is making.

He appears to be sketching – I wonder what it is.

Mr Bear has got his paints all ready to use! What is he making?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

He is a sly old bear isn't he?

December 10, 2005

The competition you've all been waiting for!

Follow-up to No it is not some sneaky trick from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

It's finally here.

I've had people showing enough interest that Mr Bear says he wants to go ahead and run the competition.

The Competition

Mr Bear has had a few strange adventures, but just what would you have Mr Bear do if you could direct him?

So, the idea is that you make your own Mr Bear entry – it can be in any medium you like, you can use actors (bears or people, pets – anything – anyone!) and take photos like I do; you could draw some, you could write it as prose, or a 'script'.

However – entries have to be submitted digitally – preferably as a post in the comments, or you could post a link in the comments. I'd let you post them to me, but I can't get them onto the net either.

The winning entry will be marked on good use of medium, and most importantly, storyline. So if you've not got a camera -don't worry, scan you're sketches, no scanner? no onelse has a scanner? then them bad pictures you draw using a mouse that doesn't really work are fine too. Basically the quality of picture and artistry doesn't matter.

And of course, there will be a prize well worth all your effort, time, frustrations and fun you'll have when making your vrey own Mr Bear :D

Good luck!

Katie – Mr Bear Rep

November 30, 2005

No it is not some sneaky trick

Follow-up to Mr Bear competition from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

No it is not some sneaky trick to get more people to post comments.

This is a way for Mr Bear to see what people think of and imagine of Mr Bear. The competition has a prize, it will be worth it.

But I mean it when I said that a fair number of people have to be interested for Mr Bear to run the competition.

Think about it, if the competition is actually run, it'll be over the hols, so it'll give you something to do if nothing else.

And there's only a few more days left to sign up.

So tell all your friends, I promise you'll like it.

Katie – Mr Bear Rep

November 27, 2005

Mr Bear competition

Mr Bear has been a bit ill
and as such, didn't want his photo taken.
Unfortunately this has put him behind with his work, so again, no entry from Mr Bear for a little time.
As it is coming up to the end of term, Mr Bear would like to run a competition.
However, Mr Bear is not interested in running a competition that nobody will participate in, as this will make him very sad.So if you are even remotely interested in a competition, with a prize I may add, you need to post a message on this blog, if enough people have replied by Friday, the competition will run.
So tell all your friends and get posting!

Katie – Mr Bears' representative.

November 12, 2005

The Return of Mr Bear!

Mr Bear is back!
He has a girlfriend! (Wahoo!)
Don't they look happy?

Mr Bear will be posting again shortly when he has organised his summer pictures, he'd like to share his holiday with you all.

See you soon!

June 28, 2005

Police statement

Follow-up to It was going so well. from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

Police have released the following statement:
"As yet we have no leads on the case of the tradjic dismemberment of Mr Monkey. The guests at the party have been questioned and investigations are underway. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an information that could be of use. We are particularly trying to piece together the events from when Mr Monkey supposedly went home, and from where the story that he had 'dropped
out' has come from.

We unfortunately regreat to say that there has been another murder; again a friend of those of Mr Monkey."

Due to the nature of the picture, the picture will not be shown here; but it can be found here

June 27, 2005

It was going so well.

Today, Mr Bear started packing, as he is going home on Thursday. He started with his books and music:

He has such a lot to fit in that box!

Oh dear, it didn't, and he still has such a lot left!

Never mind, Mr Cat has made tea for Mr Bear. It looks good!

They go upstairs, as their friends should be here, soon. They are having a gathering as it is the end of term and it will probably be a while until they see each other again.

Everyone has come! There is Herbert Duck, Miss Berry, Miss Kitty (Mr Cats' girlfriend), Mr Donkey, Mr Snowman and Mr Cats' friend Miss Cranberry. I think maybe Mr Bear likes Miss Cranberry, but who knows?

Mr Bear goes to get a drink for Miss Cranberry, she has asked for a cold drink, so Mr Bear decides to put ice in it.

OH DEAR GOD! MR MONKEY! It looks like Mr Monkey has been dismembered! But everyone thought that he had dropped out and gone home! Who could have done such a thing?!

Mr Bear is sorry to have let such an horric event take place here. For this reason Mr Bear has decided that there shall be no more published tonight.
Fear not Mr Bear fans, all will be well and the murderer found, the police are on their way…

June 26, 2005

A Day In The Life…

Mr Bear has had a very productive day today and he's decided to share some of it with you.

First he cleaned his radio:

The then banisters and stairs:

He also cleaned the hallways and part of the kitchen. He then went to his room and played one of his favourite games:

Mr Bear wondered what he would look like as a lemming:

Hum, what do you think?

June 25, 2005

And the RESULTS are back

Yesterday, Mr Bear got his results back.
It didn't go too well.

However, while he was sat in his room lloking it over, he thought, actually, it's not that bad, I can still do well next year.

Mr Bear wishes Good Luck to anyone who has their results yet to come.

June 23, 2005

Last Exam!

Mr Bear is sorry that he hasn't been able to get round to publishing this, so here it is:
Mr Bears' last exam:

Oh dear, it doesn't look like it's going too well does it?

May 24, 2005

in which Mr Bear becomes bored of studying

Mr Bear has been studying for his exams all day

It looks like Mr Bear has fallen asleep!

He wakes up and decides that he would like to go out. He puts on his black tie (doesn't it look good?) and has a little drink

Mr Bear goes downstairs to find Mr Cat still hard at work

'Party! Party! Party!' cries Mr Bear:

Something tells me that Mr Cat doesn't really want to go out

Never mind, perhaps Mr Bear can go out another night.

May 14, 2005

Looking for love?

Mr Bear is looking for love.
(Thanks goes to Sean Fallon for his romantic advice)

Mr Bear is fun loving, cute, cuddly, and likes to watch just about anything on the tv, but his favourite programmes are Desperate Housewives, Have I got News for You and the Simpsons. Mr Bear likes to keep a clean house, this does not mean that he expects YOU to keep it clean, oh no, Mr Bear actually enjoys cleaning. His is very easy about food, he likes just about anything, and he also enjoys cooking for two; a very specialT would be cooked for a very lucky, lovely lady. He likes all kinds of music, and loves going to concerts and gigs. In short, Mr Bear would make a very special lady very happy indeed, there'd never be and hour of boredom or glumness.

To a lovely lady: Mr Bear is waiting for you! xxx

Please post replies on Warwick Blogs, Mr Bear would be happy to hear from you.


May 12, 2005

Day off

Sorry everybody
Mr Bear is having a day off today, he's very tired and has an important day tomorrow, but I'm sure you'll see about that soon.

In the mean time, Mr Bear would like you to meet one of his housemates Mr Cat

Mr Bear wishes you a good night, and hopes he will have time to see you tomorrow

Thank you