September 30, 2005

The world of the trainee teacher

Some of you (in fact probably all who actually read this…) may know that I am no longer a member of the mathematics department, and am now a maths PGCE person instead. Ooh the excitement.

Anyway, due to being said trainee teacher I feel like I have been back ages (as we started a week before all you normal people) and I am finding it a bit hard to believe that it is only the end of week 1. I am very much lacking in sleep due to having FIVE 9 o'clocks a week, and actually having to be there for the start of them at 9. No wandering in at 10 past and being able to copy the first two boards before they got rubbed out. No, now we get late marks if we're not there right from the start. And due to crapness of traffic I have to leave at 7.30, and get in at 8.10, because if I leave it any later I seem to spend 35 minutes sitting on a bus on Gibbet Hill Road which would result in aforementioned late marks.

I never realised thinking was so tiring. Having spent 4 years not really listening in lectures because I was writing the notes down, I now have to go to seminars. Who do they think I am? An Arts student? Actually discussion groups are quite fun. But they do require concentration for the whole hour and three quarters (or however long they are). And this is tiring.
However, reading and making notes is substantially less work than doing maths assignments. And writing essays is more fun. Arts students have it easy.

They let us loose on real pupils last Wednesday. This was the most fun thing we have done so far, which is encouraging, I suppose, as it's what I'm going to spend large amounts of time doing soon.

That was quite therapeutic. Haven't blogged properly for a while. Now I'm off to eat ice cream with the girls.

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  1. good luck with it! the 9am starts are a shock to the system aren't they. you do get used to it, I promise… (by going to bed at 10pm! how sad am I….)

    are you doing the bach mag, handel coronation concert? the ticket sales are quite slow so there will probably be a student discount £5 tickets for warwick uni students. do you reckon we could advertise at chamber choir etc? will undergrads pay £5 for a concert, I'm a bit out of date!

    A x

    04 Oct 2005, 11:36

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