March 17, 2014

Leadership theories. PMA reflections.

There are many leadership styles, theories, approaches. Each of them emphasizes one or more of the leadership variables (L, F, S). However, I personally think, when piking the most important and effective elements of one theory and integrating it with the others, leader can be more effective. There is not good or bad leadership theory that I found during the research. The thing is that their appropriateness is dependent on the circumstances the company faces and the variables that are in the priority at the specific phase.

I again thought that first of moral beliefs and values of leader, followers and the company (culture) dictate the choice of the leadership theory, so as a leader you should be aware of the needs and objectives of all of them. For some companies authoritarian style can be effective, whereas for others laissez-faire will lead to great results, but make the third company fail.

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  1. Shujaat Alikhan

    Interesting point on how the company can dictate what type of leadership you are. It is inevitable that we will be introduced into a company culture that is prevailing and we may need to change ourselves to adapt to their culture.

    However, I also feel it is important that we have a very solid standpoint in our traits and style, because it should be this expertise of ours (based on our values, skills, among others) that is the selling point that companies seek in us.

    Therefore, to adapt our style to the environment we have to enter is sophisticated and delicate because it involves the struggle of our individual standpoint conflicting and conforming. When time comes, I know there will need to be trade-offs because it is truly rare to find the perfect fit that all the values and viewpoints we have are matched with the environment we go to, but I do not think that we should ever stop trying to achieve that perfect match.

    17 Mar 2014, 20:32

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