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February 28, 2014

Dream Job.

"We spend only 27% of our life working". Therefore, it is important to find a job which will make you feel happy everyday. I am sure we all know people who are happy when the holidays begin and then extremely unhappy when they realize they have to go to work in a day or two. But I also know another group of people (even though they are a minority) who love what they do and enthusiastic when they talk about their job. I think those people are the blessed ones. We live only once, why shouldn't we do something we admire? Obviously, if you don't like your job, you will not fully contribute in it. All you will think about is the end of the working day. So it is not beneficious for anyone, neither for the company nor for you. It can take years until a you understand what you want to do, and then find the strength to quit a job you hate, although you are highly paid. Our demands make often make us think about money, but is that worth it?

Leader and a team.

During this week we had a number of simulations where everytime we had new team member and new leaders. All of them were informative and useful for making us to think about the roles of both followers and leaders. I was a deputy leader in Hotel exercise, and honestly, I didnt know that my role would be to keep silence and observe what others do. However several times I failed to do so and joined a discussion. We had a great team and great leader; they were coming to a commin decisions very quickly and that resulted in great performance. However, I didn't know at that time that I would have to leave my team and become a leader in a "company" with situation that was absolutely unclear for me. It also happens in a real life, when people enter new organizations with already established teams and rules. It can take long time to adapt. But it also can take only a short period to establish a contact with all team members and become familiar with current situation, and that is what happened to me. I think, it only depends on your followers and the way you treat them. For example, my team members were willing to help me to understand everything and were involved in the process. Without followers the leader cannot achieve anything, and now I know- that's true!

Of course, teams sometimes had the opposite situation during this week, when leaders couldnt involve "walking deads". Very often leaders blaim that person or don't even try to motivate him. But the only one who is blaimed in this case is the leader himself.

I think, without these exercises we couldn't have understood the leadership concept so deeply. Now I realize, I knew almost nothing about it. And I also realized that I started to avoid the mistakes I made during the very first days of the module as coping with stress and time management, and, I hope, that is only beginning of my journey!

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