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October 12, 2005

Sugar 11/10

Another great night out at Sugar. After serious amounts of effort to get people out, such as scott who had stopped drinkin and James who had no money. 1st Stop was Spoons for one qucik pint before we were off to Moo for our Queue Skip Passes, Scott managed to break his glasses within 30sec of gettin into Spoons and was then classed a blind man. Only stopped for a few in before we joined the queue in the rain. By this point James had left us. Inside we bumped into loads of people, Ellie, Kate, Simon, Ben, and Laura to name a few. Then danced the night away jumping from gorup to group, managed to lose Scott within the 1st hr and wasnt seen again tht night (turns out he went home), not before sending me 21 txt messages mostly says 'Where are you?'. Caught up with Laura and helped her find Kim then got a lift home of Kim, cheers chuck. Laura made me ring her when I got home, even though if you look down the side of her house u can clearly see mine, but cheers for the concern hun.

Today saw an early start, managed to get up for 8 and spent most of the morning piecin the night bck together for Scott. Then onto campus for my one and only lab (was pointless) then bck home and into town. Went and brought some running shoes with the plan of gettin up early and running most mornings after Laura made me feel guilty and lazy (I cant deny it). Now hopefullly I will keep it up though have decided to take off days where were out the night before. To finish the day Im off to Tescos later and have been ploughing through all the maths work and doing some more work our Starting a Business project. As an addition, I think me head is due a service of something, doesnt seem to be working very well and gets confused easily, if u have a spare, or replacement pls get in contact ;)

Oh and as per usual, photos have been uploaded for u to look and laugh at. ;)

September 07, 2005

I spent how much?

Well deicded to go in the end, and its true what they say, the nights you dont lookforward to are the best.

As always for a Tuesday started off in the Well then moved up to Spoons where my drinkin really picked up pace. Then off to Sugar! The usual group was out Debbie and Co, Woolley, and the Smiths lot and no Josh (Yey). Becky was pleased to hear that Evans was out of the country and so wouldnt be tryin to kick her down down at 3 in the mornin. Spoons was great fun met Dennis and sat and drank 2 pitchers in well, couldnt of been 30min. Had Becky singing Dennis at the bar making a scene, oh and her tryin to take off her top cos Dennis said she had better breasts than me, but i managed to make her see tht it probably wasnt the best idea shes ever had.

Then Sugar where we had more drinks, made friends with the owner of the chip shop so now my chips are only 50p, great. Then we all just danced the night away. All got kicked out then went to the chip shop where the other Becky said how great i was (cheers chuck) and said our goodbyes as I wouldnt be seeing afew of them as it was time for people to start heading back to uni. But as I was leavin it seemed something had wound Woolley up so I had to go "disfuse" the situation an endup up walking thw wrong way home (Ell's house) and them once I sorted everything out with Woolley had to run down the bottom of town to catch Ell up but couldnt find him, so I rang Joel (my housemate) to see if he could let me into our house (I havent picked up my key yet) but no answer, so i tried Dennis who i woke up but he let me stay, thanks again Dennis I owe you one big time, and that was the night.

Though one small problem, how can I spend so much money on the cheapest night in the week? I full investigation was put into action and this is was I found:

Drinks brought:-

  • 1 pt of Carling
  • 1 Korona
  • 1 Pitcher of white russian
  • 1 Pitcher of Blue Lagoon
  • 3 Southern Comforts

Now only 1 of these drinks is one the pound-a-pint list, and the pitchers well tht was Dennis' fault and they only lasted afew minutes, but it set my up for a great night in Sugar. So I think im, a) gonna cut down on the old drinks and b). no go out as often. Yes you read it here 1st I might cut down on my nights out, havent deicded wht todo sbout Rios this wk though.

Oh and also there arent any photos this week due to another technical fault, I forgot to bring it

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